Saturday, December 2, 2023

What’s your relationship with money?


First, we have people who never have money, and we have people who never lack money. But for many working-class people, being broke or affluent is a state of mind based on our worldview and priorities.

Second, we have spenders and holders. Spenders never deny themselves the gifts of this life while holders feel pain spending money. Holders feel good just having money in the bank or in their hands.

Third, we have planners and impromptu buyers. Planners budget. Planners live within their means. Impromptu buyers don’t follow any script. They buy stuff on the spur of the moment.

Fourth, we have wasters and accumulators. Wasters are squanderers who spend without thinking at all. Most wasters got their money either through theft, gambling or inheritance. Accumulators gather for the unknown. They invest but never spend. They are rich in assets but poor in lifestyle.

Fifth, we have givers and mean people. Mean people rarely give their money, and when they give, they painfully give very little. Mean people attack giving because it exposes their weakness.

Generous people are often taken advantage of by the mean. Never give under coercion. You’re only blessed when you give out of love. Nobody can give everybody no matter how rich one may be. Give what you can. God does not expect you to help everyone but He expects you to help someone.


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