Black Entrepreneur Creates Flashcards That Teach Children About Black Millionaires and Billionaires

New Orleans-based media company, Raising Black Millionaires, has just released the first volume in their series of Raising Black Millionaires Flashcards, to empower parents and educators of Black children with an effective and easy tool that builds self-confidence, high self-esteem, and limitless earning potential for all ages. The once blog turned media company produces infotainment products and resources to help raise Black children to be wealthy and maintain wealth, and they’re causing huge mental shifts for Black families and classrooms across the nation.

When asked what the motivation behind creating these cards was, Founder, Thiah Veona Muhammad said, “When Robert F. Smith announced that he was paying off the student loans for those graduates from Morehouse, everyone raced to google him and find out who this man was….this Black man, at that…who could even do something so big; and what in the world does he do to make all of that money? I think it’s imperative that we, as Black people, know who our millionaires and billionaires are, more specifically those who are in business and are non-entertainers/athletes. Showing them real examples of people who look like them, making millions in various industries will not only help them to identify themselves as people of greatness, but it will introduce them to industries that they likely have never been exposed to before, giving them more career choices.”

With a weekly podcast and upcoming television show that familiarizes the world with some of our community’s business giants, RBM foresaw that these flashcards could provide a roadmap for helping our youth discover their own greatness and build self-confidence through the discovery of that in others who are living in their greatness today. Each deck is composed of 52 cards that features today’s Black Millionaires and Billionaires who have made their millions in various industries, through business and enterprise. Designed to introduce children to a new millionaire each week, the cards’ front features the picture of a Black millionaire, along with their social media handles and website; and the back shares information about their background, education, honors, organizations/boards, and any books or products they’ve created from which children, parents and teachers may benefit.

Thiah continues, “We wanted to create a flashcard that sparks an exploration into our giants in business who are making some remarkable moves and accomplishments, most of which our community has no knowledge. We feel that this is essential to do, because our children need to see Black people who acquired wealth through means other than entertainment and sports; so that their worlds of opportunity could be broadened, and any existing self-limiting/self-defeating images could be combated by them seeing people who have wealth and look just like them. With that in mind, the cards were designed for them to learn about one new person each week, by starting with the card then looking the person up on Google, following them on social media, and viewing their speeches or interviews on YouTube or podcasts.”

“When Robert F. Smith announced that he was paying off the student loans for those graduates from Morehouse, my first thought was that this man is one of a handful of ‘our’ billionaires in this country. All Black people in America should know who he is, and we wanted to provide a resource that would make knowing easier. We’re certain that these cards will give parents and teachers tools that will help them to help our children to identify themselves as people of greatness and introduce them to industries that they likely have never been exposed to before, giving them more career choices.”

While the flashcards are a new release, Raising Black Millionaires has been creating fun educational content for several years. They have a blog that provides parents with easy-to-use tips on how to develop children’s financial literacy, business knowledge, wealth mindset, and much more. After the successful release of their first book How To Raise Your Black Child To Be A Millionaire: Child-rearing Secrets of the Black Elite in 2015, the company started the Raising Black Millionaires Podcast where Mrs. Muhammad interviews Black Millionaires to find out the childrearing techniques and strategies their parents used to get them to their various levels of success; and which of those same techniques they’ve used in rearing their children to continue their legacies. The company is on schedule to begin filming their television show this Fall.

To get your deck of the Raising Black Millionaires cards, go to http://bit.ly/rbmflashcards1.

Learn more about Raising Black Millionaires at RaisingBlackMillionaires.com

Check out their podcast on iTunes, and join the Raising Black Millionaires Parent Group on Facebook.

Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook @RaisingBlackMillionaires.com.


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