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Entrepreneur, Peggy Williams, Develops New Hair Tool That Blows Away Traditional Hair Dryers


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Entrepreneur, Peggy Williams, Develops New Hair Tool That Blows Away Traditional Hair Dryers

A newly designed hair tool known as the MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool with Secure Combs will be launched in the United States. Developed by entrepreneur Peggy Williams, it is the first ethnic hair drying and styling tool specifically for women and men of color worldwide. MC Hot-N-Happy Hair LLC announces its innovative new hair tool that works much like a hand held dryer but with attachments that attach securely eliminating unnecessary duct tape/accessories.
Peggy discovered that the current U.S. hair industry’s hair dryers will work on ethnic hair, but there are none specifically designed for ethnic hair developed for the multicultural community. With over thousands of different hairdryers on the market and millions being sold in the country, this new tool will be great addition to the hair care industry.

Although multicultural and African American consumers need an efficient hairdryer, there is a growing annoyance with the problem of dryer combs and other attachments detaching during use. The MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool eliminates this by providing this new tool and believing “We care about hair… the ability of this new tool will be to help style and design many different and beautiful ethnic hair textures that are essential to our community while revolutionizing an overlooked hair industry.”

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Peggy comments, “Every person with ethnic hair texture needs a tool that will enable styles which work well with any hair.” She says she spent years researching this specific industry to discover that the luxury of the multicultural and ethnic hair is that women and men can style their hair many ways. From this research, the company was able to design a tool ideal for the styling of straight, long and short hair, extensions, braids, locks, kinky, coarse, afros, dreadlocks, natural and every type of ethnic hair texture.

About MC Hot-N-Happy Hair, LLC
Based in Silicon Valley, MC Hot-N-Happy Hair LLC is committed to developing high quality professional styling tools for black and multicultural hair. “This new professional hair tool is for a very beautiful and vibrate multicultural hair industry,” Peggy says. For more information, visit

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