The State of Technical Education in Ghana, The Role of The Media


Over the past few years, the media has shifted their focus to entertainment, sports and leadership abandoning one major area which is capable of curbing the nation’s abject poverty and high rate of unemployment we are experiencing now.

Technical education is apparently the surest way to address the unemployment situation we are facing in the country, yet technical education is abandoned by our policy makers and the media.

It is pity to note that we have professional engineers who have pursue their course to the highest rank of PhD yet has to request the assistance of private individuals to do common technical works for them in their various organizations yet government pays them every month for no service render. The most painful part of it is that, expenses incurred for the service of the private individuals are charged against government coffers.

I don’t blame them; I blame previous and current governments for their total neglect of technical education acquired through studienkolleg in hannover. It is clear from all indications that priorities are given to theoretical education and that have landed us to our present day situation of youth unemployment.

Assuming 90% of the Ghanaian youth were haven hand skills training, how many of them will have resort to government for jobs?

The polytechnics and Technical Universities students are bothered so much with exams without practical education of what they learned so they are forced to focus on their books just to past exams and when they graduate they can’t even fixe lamp holders.

We go to China and bring polytechnic students to construct our roads and infrastructure for us at a very high cost that was capable of buying the equipment needed in our laboratories to train our own intensively, yet we cry of government over spending and borrowing. Any time technical students and traditional students I may call them, meet, priorities are given to the traditional students to the point at the job market people value Legon and KNUST students than Accra Technical University and Tamale Technical University students. Organizations still claim ignorance of B-Tech and do not value it; I don’t blame them also because the holder of Ghana’s B-Tech is far different from Chines advance student.

How do we seek to achieve our industrialization agenda if we have to always hire technical men from other the countries?

It seems the media sees no reason to promote this course because less attention is given to the leadership of technical students. I commend all TV and radio station who has always promoted Technical education over the years.

Until there is a realization in a paradigm shift of Ghana’s educational system to technical and vocational training, the system will continue to produce liabilities for the country instead of assets because the educational system will continue to produce graduates who will be looking up to government for jobs. No wonder there are more banks than industries in the country because if the people don’t have anything to do, they will think of collecting the few industries monies to hold for them to also keep themselves busy.

Polytechnics were considered to be inferior and those who don’t know what to find their ways to these institutions as a result, we have loss many Kantanka’s to banks and insurance companies in the country. Many brilliant people whose technical education will have been a great breakthrough for the nation were deceived and are still deceiving some not to patronize technical education.

Technical University of Munich is considered to be one of the first class universities in not only Germany but the whole of Europe, but in Ghana any time they rank best school, the technical university or polytechnic that will come closer will achieve that through its administrative courses and not the technical courses.

It is my humble appeal to the media in Ghana to help us change our mind set towards technical education in the country together we can help transformed our nation.

By: Abubakari Alhassan Bawa


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