Africa’s leading Strategist buries mum in Country home

The town of Amaba Isuikwuato in Abia State South Eastern Nigeria was agog with activities recently as people from all walks of life trooped out enmasse to pay their last respect to Mrs. Ngozi Mary Reuben Egbulonu, the mother of Dr. Brian Reuben.

Mrs Ngozi who died in March 2021 at the Federal Medical Center Umuahia Abia State after a brief illness and was buried on the 30th of July 2021 was known to be a community leader who played an important role in the development of community and women empowerment.

In his funeral oration at the ceremony, Dr Brian Reuben who is the second son of the woman emphasized that his mother was fortunate to have lived on this earth, made an impact on earth, finished her cause and left a legacy. He explained that his mother didn’t get the chance to make a difference because she was more educated than her peers or because she obtained opportunities on a platter of gold but because of her incredible understanding that faith makes might and that it is possible to conquer limitations through an enduring spirit of hard work, courage, dedication and resilience. This was the fundamental truth, said Dr Reuben, that inspired the exemplary life his mother lived on earth.


Leaders of the community in their testimony bore witness that Mrs Mary Reuben Egbulonu lived an exemplary life of peace and leadership. Among them included the President of the Women Association, Chief Mrs Ngozi Ndubisi and The Secretary Amaba Town Union Mr Nkemdirim Egegbula.


In his sermon at the funeral, Rev Eagle Adirije, the founder and President of The Apostlic House, Umuahia Abia State explained that death is a necessary end that will come to all men. He stated that as flowers wither so does man. Yet he emphasized that there is another life which is incorruptible and available to anyone who will call on the name of Jesus as Lord.


Friends and associates of Dr Brian Reuben from far and near graced the occasion among whom were The Mayor of Housing, Mr Emeka China, senior officials from Abia State Government, Federal Medical Center Umuahia, Department of Petroleum Resources among others.


Mrs Ngozi Mary Reuben Egbulonu is survived by her seven children and grandchildren.

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