Black Woman-Owned 7-Eleven Franchise in Texas Celebrates 5 Years in Business

Kim Eboreime, Black woman 7-Eleven franchise owner in Texas

Kim Eboreime, the only Black woman to outright own a 7-Eleven franchise in the Austin-Round Rock area in Texas, has just recently celebrated her store’s 5th anniversary! There are over 8,500 7-Eleven franchise stores across the United States, and it has played a significant part in the growing trend of African-American business ownership.
Kim opened her 7-Eleven franchise in June 2014. Since then, the popular brand has been providing her a great source of income. But she said that competition was not avoidable, especially with the lively economy in the area.

“There’s a big competitor that came in and they’re big — they’re a big brand. They’re big and shiny,” Eboreime told KVUE.

But she didn’t let that discourage her to keep going. She instead used it to boost her determination and focus more on customer relations. And it definitely paid off, as proven by her regular customers.

“The spirit is so high here,” said Donna Slawson, who comes to the store every day. “It’s the best place to come. They have great employees. They’re all friendly. We love each other here. I feel like I’m part of the family.”

Since opening five years ago, Eboreime is the only female Black American franchisee in the area. And for their 5th anniversary, she gave back to the community that has always supported her by throwing a party at the store. She also gave away free small Slurpees and other prizes and raffles.

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