Can Anyone do Business… or Some were cut out for Employment? (By Dr. K. N. Jacob)

We can debate this question infinitely but I personally believe anyone can succeed in business. Before the industrial revolution, a higher percentage of people were in business through barter trade.

While I’ve lectured in business schools in four universities for a couple of years, I did so as a visiting lecturer, not as a full-time employee. I started business after high school. That’s a story for another day. And I’ve seen many employees resign or retire and start very successful businesses.

So long as one supplies goods and/or services that solve a real problem in the society, they are in business. But how far they go in business depends on God’s favor. And their resilience and mastery of the market. Plus, their personal work ethic and the business environment created by the government.

No matter how industrious one may be, corruption will break the camel’s back. If there’s no level playing ground for business, SMEs will never rise to corporate level. The ease of accessing capital and protection of local industries from external competition must also be secured by the government.


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