Marketing3 Questions to Ask yourself About Corporate Branding

3 Questions to Ask yourself About Corporate Branding


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3 Questions to Ask yourself About Corporate Branding

Brands is not about colours, lines, texture, or logos as we see them. Most people see the beautiful logos of businesses and love them, describing them as brands.

Brand is an identity. An identity should surpass a logo or graphic but rather an image you create in the minds of customers. Developing a brand name is never about what we see in the logo but an inside-out affair that needs to be portrayed to customers and other stakeholders like competitors.

Some brands are identified by the number of products range they have in the product line, whiles others are defined by quality and customers service.

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The Brands we know of in Ghana and internationally are MTN, Vodafone, Nestle Ghana, ENI, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Air RNB, Uber, Total Ghana, PUMA, Adidas, Nike, Channel, and a lot more.

These are a countable number of brands just to say of. These brands are never known because of their colours or logos. They are defined according to quality products, range of products, speed of their products, convenience and many others.

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Prior to developing a good brand such as MTN or NESTLE Ghana, there are three questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Who are my prospective customers?

It’s all about your target audience. Your target audience group is not everyone. You need to select a particular segment of the market that you want to satisfy. Know their needs, specifications, behaviour towards similar products like yours.

  1. What is the priorities and values of your customers?

If you can target your prospects, you should know their values and priorities. A customer might have a need that you might think that you already know. You might be wrong because sometimes you think you know what they need but it might not be a priority to them yet. So in designing a brand, pay attention to customer’s needs as well as their priorities. Understand their values as they relate to product requirements and specifications.

  1. Who are we and are we willing and ready to adhere to their products?

It is necessary to know your mission and vision, core value and approaches to doing tasks in the business. In order to develop and develop brands, you must give yourself a priority as well. Who are you? When you are capable of defining them, It can push you to determine if you are ready to change the value with regards to customers values and priorities. This should include periodic research and a survey on their needs and priorities, as clients can change their values, needs and priorities at any time without prior notice.

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If you have finished with that, you can go and develop your brands by making the final decision.

By Brigitte Adofo Agyapong

Author of Win You: An introspective Journey of finding yourself, knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success.

Management Consulting | Marketing | Brand and Strategy



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