DJ Switch’s Image Spotted in Apple’s Promotional Video at the Launch of the New MacBook, But There are Questions

Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh known by the stage name DJ Switch’s image was spotted in a promotional video of the new Macbook launched by Apple on Tuesday Evening. The image which pops up 4min 32sec into the 49 minutes video shows DJ Switch standing before an Apple MacBook, looking happy and in a dancing mode but the original image shows Apple tampered with the image for its own benefit. So why would Apple do that?

The image was possibly taken during an event in Ghana where DJ Switch was invited to entertain the guest with her talent. The original picture reveals happy spectators at the back with drinks on their tables, possibly a wedding reception or party. In the original image below, the young DJ has stickers of herself on the back of the laptop which makes it difficult to identify the brand of the machine.

Original Image

But a look at the image in Apple’s promotional video indicates the laptop is an Apple Macbook. DJ Switch is a fan of the Apple MacBook as she could be seen with her MacBook in some of her pictures on Instagram. But the question remains, was that editing necessary? Couldn’t they have found other images of the young entertainer using a MacBook during one of her performances? Look at the edited picture used by Apple below and tell us what you think. Also find Apple’s video below.

Apple’s version

Watch the video below:


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