He has inspired people in over 15 countries before age 25, Meet Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Seasoned Life Journal.


“There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.”
― Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

Abraham is never in a rush to do something but by the end of the day, he will still get the thing done. Such people are rare in our world where everybody wants everything to be done quickly. I only knew him as the guy who taught himself coding and graphic design but he was surely more than that.

Abraham was born in Somolu Lagos to Mr. & Mrs. John Ologundudu. He started his basic education at the Sinclair Lewis International primary school and then to the Badagry Grammar junior high school. He had his senior secondary education at the Lagos State Civil Service Model College. Abraham later studied Physics education at the Lagos State University.

Abraham Ologundudu is currently a blogger, podcaster, author, speaker, and a new media consultant. He is the founder of Seasoned Life Journal (www.seasonedlifejournal.com), a platform that help passionate individuals get the clarity, boldness, strategy, and tools to Intentionally execute their ideas.

Abraham believes that positive transformation in a society begins from personal leadership. He is the convener of Leverage conference (leverageng.com), a nation building initiative which since its inception in 2015 has impacted over 400 Nigerian youths.

Abraham is also the founder of Bramodigi (bramodigi.com), a company that helps Individuals and  Organizations grow a profitable influencer brand using digital media.

Now, read on as Abraham tells us how he started and where he is heading.  I believe his story will inspire you to also do greater things for this generation and those after it.


How he started

I  like  to  tell  the  story  of  how  I  started  out  my  career  in  2010 with  just  a  mobile  phone  and  a  notebook.  I  had  only  a  Nokia C1  mobile  Java phone. I was just discovering  the direction my life would take  shortly after secondary school.

 I was  helping  some friends simplify their challenges and it felt good. So I started with a Facebook group that was called Royal Youths Forum back in 2010.

I am privileged to have discovered purpose at an early stage in life. I started this journey at 15. Royal Youth’s Forum  at that point was a motivational group, and we had over 600 teenagers and youths.

The following year I discovered blogging and that was the beginning of amazing things yet, but I had no laptop. Yes! I had a Nokia C1 mobile phone and UC browser was compatible with blogger.com (Google’s blogging platform).

So the journey started. Typing long articles on that phone was real pain but my vision kept me going. It got to a point I could send text or chat without looking at my key pad and I was so fast! Sometimes, I would deprive myself lunch to alternate between cyber cafes and my home.

I used what I had! A lot had changed since then and it gets better daily. The truth is that each person tends to underrate what they possess and overrate what they do not possess.

 I wrote  articles  and blogged  from that phone. It  was a  hectic experience  but it  also  taught me  a  lot.   There  were  times  I  got  upset  whenever  I  see  my  colleagues whose  parents  could  afford  to  get  them  laptops  and  better phones,  and all  they  do  is  play  games.   If  I  had  given  up  then  or  saw  my  gadgets  as  very  inadequate, I  might  not  have  grown  into  who  I  am  today.  To  unleash  your greatness,  you  should  learn  to  look  within  for  what  you already have. Do  not wait for  a  miracle.  

My platform www.seasonedlifejournal.com has evolved since then. We have birth the Leverage Conference brand and the latest is Lead Your Life Podcast.

You may not appreciate all these stories. I know the struggles I have gone through in my life. I was once this guy who didn’t matter, who had a massive inferiority complex, and was a chronic porn addict since 12, until 15.

I have come to discover the one thing that matters most in the making of legends; It is SELF LEADERSHIP. You can only produce results that is commensurate with who you are. If you cannot lead your life, you will play catch up. and remain at the bottom of the food chain.

The skills I gained while blogging also led me to consult for individuals and organizations in the area of branding, digital marketing, platform building, and product creation.


Challenges are constants. Keeping up with the cost of data and generating power supply as a young New Media entrepreneur can be challenging. There is also the place of dealing with people who want to take advantage of you because you are young and promising.

One way I deal with all my challenges is to maintain a Victor mindset. I always look for the way out.

My works have definitely inspired hundreds of young Nigerians to start up where they are with what they have. We have also been able to empower people primarily between the ages of 15-40 across 15 countries in the world, with practicable insights to help them execute their ideas intentionally.

The future 

I see myself having a full blown consulting firm, and a leadership training institute. Such that we can have a good structure and system in place to empower more Nigerians to be productive citizens by first becoming effective self leaders. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a mental revolution of a nation that will take some time to materialize. We  see Seasoned Life Journal evolving into a bigger platform that can superceeds the likes of pickthebrain.com or lifehack.com.

We would be the go to place for anything Leadership and personal development in Africa.

Seasoned Life Journal is currently undergoing some rebranding. We are restructuring our system and strategies for the future. We would be building a stronger team and undergo more trainings and acquire more professional qualifications to be able  to legally engage in some practices in our field of play.


Every ‘known” person of influence were once an ‘unknown’. You just have to gather the confidence you need. The best way to do this is to identify who qualifies for your offer. Gradually put out your story and with the feedback you get, you can build momentum. However, everyone will not care about your message but the selected few that needs it will be attracted if well communicated. Please reflect on yourself, identify your limiting beliefs and seek for answers to deal with them. You are responsible for where you are at any stage of your life. Lead Your Life.


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