He Started Out in College, and Now This 26-Year Old Black Entrepreneur Manages $25 Million in Real Estate Assets

Victor E. Bomi is a Nigerian-born, US-based entrepreneur, real estate advisor, philanthropist, and the founder/CEO of ATLCO Real Estate, Inc. Based in Atlanta, his company provides real estate investment and advisory services to help investors make smarter, and more profitable, decisions in all areas of real estate. Not only does Victor and his team serve as trusted advisors, they also help their clients with real estate investment management, wealth management, asset management, and financial planning. The overall goal is to help individuals work toward creating financial freedom and multi-generational wealth.

After graduating from the University of West Georgia with a BBA in Finance, Victor decided that he wanted to use his education in business, accounting, and economics to serve his passion for real estate. As a historic symbol of wealth and status, investing in real estate has become a proven method of accumulating wealth in a shorter amount of time. Property is also an asset that will always increase in value over time due to annual appreciation, new developments, and inflation. Today, at 26-years old, Victor has closed over $3 million worth of real estate aquisitions and manages more than $25 million in real estate assets.

Recently, he started The Legacy Investors Club, which is a firm focused on providing aspiring real estate investors mentorship, financial literacy education and the tools to build wealth. Here, Victor is able to take his knowledge and experience to help prepare future investors. It’s the perfect “real estate investor 101” course to take before getting out into the field and risking your money.

Victor is also passionate about teaching others, especially youth, about the power of entrepreneurship. He believes that business ownership is the key to true freedom in today’s world. Everyday Victor makes it his personal mission to be an inspiration to the world by empowering people to pursue their passions, embrace their journey, and follow their dreams.

For more detail about his company, ATLCO Real Estate, Inc, visit www.atlcorealestate.com

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