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Portia Adu Mensah Receives Prestigious Environmental Activism Award

The International Environmental Film Festival of the Canary Islands (FICMEC) has bestowed the prestigious Premio Brote Activismo Medioambiental (Sprout Environmental Activism Award) upon Portia Adu Mensah, the National Coordinator for 350 Ghana. This recognition came less than a week after 350 Ghana, a group she heads over also received another award from the Afrika Vuka Network and 350 Africa.

This is a prove of her unwavering commitment to environmental causes and her tireless efforts in advocating for biodiversity conservation and climate action in Ghana.

Advocacy for Environmental Rights

Portia Adu Mensah’s impact extends far beyond the borders of Ghana. Her advocacy work has resonated with audiences worldwide, drawing attention to critical environmental issues. Through her passionate advocacy, she has championed the rights of the environment, emphasizing the need for sustainable practices and responsible stewardship.

Biodiversity Conservation

As a dedicated environmentalist, Adu Mensah has been at the forefront of biodiversity conservation efforts in Ghana. She recognizes the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the importance of preserving biodiversity for future generations. Her work has included raising awareness on the impact of climate, promoting tree planting , and collaborating with local communities to implement renewable energy projects.

Empowering Youth for Climate Action

Adu Mensah’s commitment extends beyond policy discussions. She actively engages with communities and schools, empowering young people to take action against environmental degradation and climate change. Through educational programs, workshops, and grassroots initiatives, she inspires the next generation of environmental leaders.

FICMEC’s Recognition

The XXVI edition of FICMEC honored Portia Adu Mensah during its closing gala. The festival, held in Tenerife from May 30 to June 3, 2024, provided a platform for celebrating environmental activism and fostering global collaboration.

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