This Black-Owned Chemical Free Hair Color Product is Taking the Industry By Storm!

Women wearing hair coloring from Mysteek Naturals

Electra S. Davis, founder of Mysteek Naturals, is believed to be one of the first women to have created a chemical free hair color product – having started developing the product in 2016. The company is a Black woman, veteran-owned small business. She’s a 35-year old divorcee who let that fire push her further to the top, and mother of two beautiful children, and Bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration of accounting.
Getting started

Electra started her company because, like so many other women, she was looking for an alternative to the rinses that weren’t giving her the vibrant popping color that she so badly wanted yet with the harmful chemicals and process of using a developer to bleach her hair to get that vibrant color she so badly desired.

She began using the color on herself and other people began to ask her how she was changing her hair weekly and sometime daily without damaging it. Once she told them, they requested she start making them some as well and this is how the company was birthed.

She started her toothpaste line after learning the color code on the commercial toothpaste she used at the time were chemical indicators and poisonous to her and her children’s health. Also, she began to research and realized that fluoride was a poison and no longer wanted to use the toothpastes. She loves to live and use naturals products as humanly possible. So, she officially launched the Mysteek Naturals, LLC business in May 2017.

Her ultimate goal

Electra wants to assist her customers in remaining health conscience along with maintaining a personal relationship with her customers to obtain their feedback both positive and negative to better assist them over time, and make the company evolve for the better over time.

She has created a cream based poppin’ hair color line that assists in obtaining vibrant color customers want without drying the hair. There is no need for developer, bleach, pre-lightening, or chemical dyes in this product to obtain these bright colors. Just a rock star in a jar! This isn’t a rinse so there is nothing to washout.

The customer simply adds the color and moves on with their fantastic lives! The only “give and take” with this product is that with a being cream based she ask all customers to wear a bonnet at night to protect the pillows. There are currently 13 available colors with 1 more special color to release this year.

For more details and/or to make a purchase from Mysteek Naturals, visit their official web site at www.mysteeknaturals.com or follow the brand on Instagram @mysteeknaturals


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