Editor's PicksTop 5 Plagiarism checker tools for content marketing

Top 5 Plagiarism checker tools for content marketing


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Top 5 Plagiarism checker tools for content marketing

When it comes to writing and especially when you are writing for the internet, you need to check the uniqueness of content before publishing.

And checking the uniqueness of the content, we need to use a tool because it is not something that can be done on our own.
We just need a tool for this task! But the question is, which tool is used to check the plagiarism in a content?
A plagiarism checker is a tool that is designed to check the unique and plagiarized text in a content and this tool is also dedicated to providing the sources from where the text is copied.

It is not wrong to say that you must need a plagiarism checker no matter you are a student, teacher, blogger, and a person related to any professional field.
Luckily, there are many plagiarism checkers available on the internet and some of them have their mobile applications too.
The reason for writing this blog is to give the details of some amazing plagiarism checkers that can surely help you.
So, let’s begin.

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As we mentioned above that there are many plagiarism checkers available on the internet and we have shortlisted the best plagiarism checkers.
So, that’s why we are discussing Prepostseo.

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But it is not over and out here, there are many more checkers available on the internet that are effective and useful as well.
Each plagiarism checker is somehow different like some of the checkers come along with many advanced features and some of them are just straightforward.
It depends on you either you want to go for some advanced plagiarism checker or you prefer a simple one that is only dedicated to displaying the percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism in content.
When we talk about the uploading options, we have more than one option available in this tool as we can simply copy-paste the content.
Or we can upload a file directly from the device but it is not restricted till here. We can also get a file from Google Docs and the cloud as well.
This means Prepostseo is a full-fledge package and now, it depends on you whether to go for this tool or just ignore it.


You can determine the simplicity of this tool by its name and having a simple tool can be a good option as it will be easy to use and understand.
The manufacturers of this tool claimed that this is one of the fastest plagiarism checkers available on the internet.

There is no such difficulty or something technical in this tool and that’s why it can be used by anyone or on any device.
When you are going to pick a tool, be focused on compatibility because some tools are not compatible with all the devices.
Sometimes, we need to check the plagiarism of a file other than txt or word file then it must be needed to have tool-supported multiple file formats.
Check-plagiarism support multiple file format in which txt, pdf, doc, and Docx file formats are included.
If your preference is to check the plagiarism from various file formats then this tool can be the best option.

⦁ Papersowl.com

We have seen some plagiarism checkers that have their search engine extensions and that can be very easy for the users.
You can easily download the extension of papersowl.com so that it can save your time and effort and you can check more documents in less time.

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Same as the previous one, this tool also supports multiple file formats like you can check plagiarism from a text, pdf, doc, and Docx file.
The very first thing that must be checked while picking up the right tool is, accuracy and responsiveness and fortunately, these two things are provided by this tool.
Now, it comes to the interface of papersowl, it is really easy and all you need is to, copy-past the text and get the results.
We can say that no matter which checker we are going to use, we can easily get the source report from where the text is copied.
The second thing is, this tool will also display the amount of text copied when it generates the sources.

⦁ Grammarly

We can say that Grammarly is mostly used for highlighting grammatical errors but it is quite useful to check plagiarism as well.
Here the good thing is, you can simply check the grammatical errors and plagiarism at the same and on the same tool.

We can also download the extension of Grammarly and in that context, we can save our time and it can be a very easy and suitable option.
And there is an extension for Microsoft word as well, you can simply go on a search engine and type Grammarly extension for word and simply download it.
You can also check how engaging and dedicating your content is while using Grammarly and that can help you in improving your on-page SEO.

⦁ Unicheck

As a student or a teacher, you need to check the plagiarism in bulk and that’s why we need to have a tool that will be enough efficient to check plagiarism in bulk.
By using this tool, we can easily check plagiarism in many documents in less time so, you can give this tool a try.

The algorithms working at the backend are pretty efficient to give the proper and accurate results in just a few seconds.
As we have used and read about this tool, we have found that this tool checks one page in just 4 seconds which is pretty cool.
Last but not the least, this tool is free of cost and readily available on the internet and that’s why we consider this tool especially for students.


There are many factors involved in content marketing and uniqueness is the basic and most essential so, we need to be focused on it.
Same as, there are many tools needed for content marketing and plagiarism checker is one of them but it is only designed to check the plagiarism in content.
For removing plagiarism, we need to go for some additional steps or use some different tools like paraphrasers or article rewriters.
But here, we specifically mentioned plagiarism and that’s why we have shared the details of some best plagiarism checkers.

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