Why Do Women Cheat – 16 Reasons

The numbers of women who cheat in relationships have gone up by a substantial margin that maybe it is now time to dissect the reasons behind this worrying trend. To all the men out there who may still be wondering why cheating has become more common among women today; the following 16 reasons will enlighten you further, and hopefully you will learn how to strengthen your relationship to avoid being cheated on.


1. Afraid of Breaking up

Women who benefit materially from a relationship would opt to cheat just for sexual satisfaction. This mostly occurs in relationships where the man is not physically and emotionally available prompting the woman to seek satisfaction elsewhere while still clinging on the relationship to enjoy the material benefits.

2. Want to test the water first

Another reason why women cheat is uncertainty of the relationship at hand. In this case, a woman may pretend to be committed in a relationship only to be in another or even other relationships, all in the quest of finding “Mr. Right”.

3. She feels lonely

The common phrase “loneliness kills” was not coined as an assumption but more as a reality. Loneliness is a major reason why women cheat in relationships including marriage and being more emotional than men, most ladies are unable to persevere being lonely even for the shortest unavoidable situations. This shocking reality calls for men to be very consistent in entertaining their lovers especially when separated by geographical boundaries.

4. Lack of intimacy, passion and sex

A relationship that lacks sexual intimacy is as good as dead to a woman. This is mostly true in a relationship that previously enjoyed a vibrant sex life only for situations to end up reducing and completely killing intimacy. Some women are genetically predisposed to very high libido levels and a consistent lack of satisfaction in a relationship drives them off to cheat.

5. Need for Attention and being wanted

As witnessed in the points above, the reasons why women cheat on their partners is propagated by intertwined emotional factors. Remember that many men in their optimum to impress will always lure a woman with sweet words and total attention. If you fail to attend to your woman’s needs and offer a listening ear, she will cheat on you because she will fell more appreciated and wanted elsewhere.

6. Feeling neglected, ignored, unappreciated

The sixth reason why women cheat is the feeling of being neglected and unappreciated. When you ignore your woman’s needs especially the emotional and intimate wants, her moods towards you will change drastically more than they do when her estrogens and progesterone levels fluctuate on every ovulation.

7. Wants to feel like a bad girl

The “bad girl” feeling is a common reason why women cheat in relationships especially in early ages mostly before marriage. This reason is mainly propagated by peer pressure and media influence especially the visual media forms. With so much negative influence in the entertainment world, young women find themselves engaged in multiple sexual relationships just to fit in and feel sort of cool.

8. Afraid to miss something

The eighth reason why women cheat is related to the seventh reason regarding the target group of women affected. The young women who are still in the phase of experimenting are caught in cocoons of “must dos” and end up in multiple intimate relationships. This reason is mostly common in young unmarried women.

9. Her man is bad in bed

One of the key reasons why women cheat is the partner’s lack lustre performance. It is hard enough being in a relationship where sex is insufficient; if this is coupled with poor quality performance then it is only a matter of time before the disgruntled partner seeks gratification elsewhere.

10. She wants to experience something new

Many women are pushed to cheat because they want to try things they deem they should have tried long ago. A lot of this is borne of the conversations they have with friends. If they feel their experiences are mute compared to what their friends relate then they might be tempted to even the scores.

11. Revenge

A woman may also cheat because she wants to get back at her partner who might have cheated. This is done out of the desire to prove that she is still desirable and that the wayward partners is lucky to have what he apparently does not seem to appreciate.

12. She wants to make him jealous

There also are situations where out of the desire to gain attention, a woman will cheat so that the partner is jealous enough to take note. Most relations get to this point when the husband/boyfriend is preoccupied with other issues or even involved in another relationship.

13. Material Favors

People get attracted to flashy things from time to time; it gets even worse if these are things they can’t afford. A woman may be attempted to cheat while hoping that the besotted extra wheel will be kind enough to throw in the desired gifts as a way of showing gratitude.

14. Unlived Fantasies

Many women who had near perfect childhood or survived under strict home rules may grow rebellious when they eventually earn their freedom. In a bid to compensate for the stifled former life, a woman may opt for cheating as a way of experiencing new things.

15. The Thrill, Adventure

Cheating may also happen when people let their lives fall into a continuous boring routine. In a bid to seek the missing adventure, cheating becomes an attractive preoccupation. Many women had admitted to being turned on by the risk of getting caught and the adventurous nature of extra-marital sex.

16. She wants to have a secret

Still, there are people who are weird in their own way and think it is important or even exhilarating to at least have some secret that they know they can carry to their graves. There are many reasons that make even contemplating to reverse the trends an attempt in futility.

These reasons are what drives women to cheat in their relationships including marriages and therefore all men seeking healthy relationships must be aware of them. If you are unsure, read the 15 most common signs that she is cheating.


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