Boss Lady Amazon Guru Teaches Her Students How to Net $12K Through COVID-19

At a time when many were trying to figure out how to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, Yassin Hall has successfully taught over 100 people how to set up their online stores and has even celebrated when some of her students netted over $10,000 in one week. Hall’s social media pages show receipt screenshots and videos proving how some students have earned as much as $30,000.
“I encourage people to boss up and level up because I’ve been there and know it is possible to take control of your life as long as you do not give up,” said Hall. “Some people are doing so well that they are going to stick to their stores instead of return to their other jobs so that they can have more control over their life and spend more time at home.”

Known for her bestselling books on growing up with a bipolar schizophrenic mother, Hall is often referred to as an Amazon guru BOSS Lady, having hit a million dollars in sales on the platform. In fact, she was able to purchase three homes and three vehicles since the pandemic hit. Her teen daughter who just graduated high school purchased her first home with earnings from her own Amazon store.

“On our last trip before the lockdowns, we were in the Maldives and reminisced on our tough times, not having any money, being homeless, navigating life as a single-parent household and everything else,” said Hall. “We came up with a kit filled with the basics we relied during those times on such as noodles, snacks, toilet paper, and little hygiene products and when the pandemic hit, those kits were in high demand.”

Without being able to succeed, Hall says she would not have been able to do the things she enjoys doing and pour back into the community. She recently made a six-figure donation to Black Lives Matter, and invested in a few other projects and quietly supports many projects focused on women, children, and her native U.S. Virgin Islands. She also recently launched her own BOSS Chatter podcast on Getvokl to answer many of the questions she has received over time pertaining to her businesses.

“When you reach any level of success, you should help those who need help, even if it is teaching them or taking time to share your knowledge or even putting it into a course or a book,” said Hall. “You have to see beyond the present situation and know that you have to invest your time, your money, your energy in the right places. In a nutshell, that’s how to boss up.”

For more information, visit YassinHall.com or BossAmazonClass.com

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