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You are not Created by Default, You are in this World for a Purpose!

This is my reason – “I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he/she can mine to support himself and to succeed in life”(Dean Koontz). This means that a true success is in your purpose for which God has created you. My prayer is we all die living purposeful life. The question then is; how do l live a purposeful life?

I ask you today to go inside yourself; reexamine yourself by subjecting your talent, skills, and knowledge to an assessment and noting how much they have made impact in your life and the lives of others. How long will they be affected by the impact positively?

Anyone who cultivated their talent, skills, and knowledge well recognising the needs of others first, before himself will find out that he or she ends up developing a positive attitude towards life. This, as a result shapes the persons views about life and his/her relations with others.

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I came to realise that making impact in the lives of others, lies in the will to serve others. In serving others means you have recognised the needs of others. In the process of serving others your talent, skills, and knowledge will be refined for you to be able to meet the needs of others. As you continue to do this in a persistent and consistent manner; your life purpose become clearer and clearer. And once you have discovered your purpose, life becomes meaningful. And a meaningful life means an absence of fear. Therefore, a purposeful life is living a life without fear(i.e. failure, frustration, intimidation, pain, mockery, undermining etc.)

For everyone that have ever lived a purposeful life had conquered fear. There are so many examples to give from the Bible and the world. Jesus knew his assignment and conquered all fears to reach out to the lost souls. In Africa, we had Nelson Mandala and Kwame Nkrumah who even in their deaths, they are being celebrated throughout the world. In modern times we have Paul Kagame who continues to make impact in the of lives of Rwandise in a very positive way. Even, in our own localities we have so many people even not known popularly touching lives sometimes to their own detriments. Oprah Winfrey is and will be one of the ever successful people that ever lived. Your purpose of life is in the legacy of the impact you leave in the lives of others.

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So today, l challenge you, choose not to live for yourself but for others. The only way to discover your purpose of life.

Good day folks!!!

*Shema Tetteh Transformation Series. 002*

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