Friday, December 1, 2023

5 Things To Do To Stay Healthy in 2020


Your health is important so you have to make sure you remain healthy. Here are 5 tips to make you stay healthy in 2020

  • Eat healthy.

Balance nutrition has many benefits.  By making healthier food choice, it will help you to prevent stroke, diabetes and heart disease. A healthy diet can help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol level as well. Eat well and stay healthy.


  • Get regular exercise.

Exercise helps us to treat depression, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Routine exercise can also make you feel better and keep your weight under control. At least try to be active for 30 to 60 minutes 4 times a week.

Remember that any amount of exercise is better than none.


  • Protect your skin

Sun exposure is linked to skin cancer, so it is best to limit your time spent in the sun. Be sure to wear protective clothing when the sun is hot and also be careful of the pomade you use on your body. Not all the pomades we use are good for our skin, because some pomade contain hydroquinone which is not good for the skin.


  • Safe sex.

Safe sex is good for your emotional and physical health. The safest form of sex is one man one woman. Use protection to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms are the most effective form of protection. Also be with one partner and be safe. Good sex good healthy living.

  • Limit how much alcohol you drink.

Men should have no more than 2 drinks a day and women should have no more than 1 drink a day. Too much of alcohol can damage your liver. It can also cause cancer such as throat, liver and pancreatic cancer. Alcohol abuse also contributes to death from car wrecks, murders and suicides.


In addition to the factors listed above, you should make time for the whole body health; visit your doctors for regular checkup. Let your health benefits and preventive care services work for you. Make sure that you know what your health insurance plan involves.


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