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She saved from her National Service allowance to start a Makeup Business, This is the story of Akosua Boafowaa Boampong


Many young people finish their national service and look up to the government or private companies to employ them but Akosua Boafowaa thought differently when she got to that stage. Whiles serving at AngloGold Ashanti as a National Service personnel at a time the company was in its limited operations stage, Akosua knew becoming a business owner was the way out to getting employed and gain financial freedom.

“I had just completed my national service (in 2015) with AngloGold Ashanti (AGA). I got myself some makeup products from the little savings I had made from national service and started self-teaching and practicing” she revealed.

Very soon, a friend trusted in her new skill and hired her for her engagement ceremony in February that year.

“My first professional job was a friend’s engagement ceremony in Feb 2015. I also had my first white wedding experience when I made up my sister and her entire bridal team in October 2015” she said.

At this point, Akosua Boafowaa realised her love for her new skill was growing faster same as her customers so she decided to register her business.

Akosua Boafowaa Boampong is currently the Creative Director and Lead MakeupUp Artist of Anaviosi – Make up by Phuu. They provide Make up services for all occasions, wig making, hair styling and everything beauty and grooming. The business was originally called Phuus_Lookz but in March 2019 they rebranded to Anaviosi. This covers Phuus_wig_Stall (wig making and hairstyling), Anaviosi; make up by Phuu, The Brush and A verse and Beauty Accessories by Phuu. They currently have a showroom space and 2 assistants.

To improve upon and perfect the craft and serve her customers better, Akosua took up a number of Professional courses. What she started as a hobby is now a full time business!


Akosua Boafowaa believes the Makeup industry is still young and many people downplay their roles.

“There have been instances where we’ve been offered a lot less than we are due for the work done. Some people do not fully appreciate the job and it’s nitty gritties. We’ve had clients challenge why we must be paid “that much” for what seems to be a short simple task” she told Wundef.com.

She also revealed that she has had her fair share of discouragement from family and friends.

“Some (family and friends) wondered why a graduate would leave a white collar job for this venture. There were others who thought I was wasting my time. But none of these deterred me” she said.

“The acceptance of my African and for that matter Ghanaian parents of my job title as MUA (make up artist) other than probably a Banker or HR personnel was a huge challenge” she added.

Using Colossians 3:23 as her mantra, she has kept moving till now.

Akosua hopes to establish a spa and grooming center and a makeup and wig training school within the next 5 years.

She also hopes that “The brush and a verse” which is a charity programme will continue in the coming years.

“Our aim is to provide free makeup training for the less privileged. We have already had sessions in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions and hoping to extend it to other regions going forward”

She is currently in Accra, Ghana and she can be reached via social media on these handles.

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