How to Buy Baby Doge

The top markets for Baby Doge by trading volume are LBank, BKEX, and OKX. They account for well over half of all Baby Doge trades. On desktop, using the MetaMask wallet or similar is a good option. For mobile, a compatible app such as Coinbase Wallet could be the easiest to use.

These are the primary steps to buy Baby Doge using a desktop or laptop web browser:

  1. Create and fund a compatible cryptocurrency wallet: The first step is to create a compatible Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum wallet if you don’t already have one. It must be funded with Binance CoinEther, or another compatible currency supported by your preferred exchange.
  2. Connect your wallet to the exchange: Your next step is pointing your web browser to the exchange and connecting your wallet. Only unlock your cryptocurrency wallet and transact with trusted exchanges and websites to keep your assets secure.
  3. Set up your trade: Enter the details for your trade. Choose how much Baby Doge you want to buy. The official Baby Doge website suggests setting the slippage tolerance to 12% if you’re having trouble executing the trade.1
  4. Enter your transaction: Click the exchange or trade button to execute your transaction. This sends the trade details to the Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum blockchain for processing. Depending on which blockchain you use, the transaction could be nearly instant or take several minutes to complete.

Once the blockchain confirms the transaction, you should see the new currency in your wallet, likely listed with the symbol BABYDOGE.


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