Promoted PostCEO of Eddymat Green Services Seeks to Make his...

CEO of Eddymat Green Services Seeks to Make his company Africa’s Number 1 Landscaper and Lawn Care Company


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CEO of Eddymat Green Services Seeks to Make his company Africa’s Number 1 Landscaper and Lawn Care Company

Edmund Atta-Poku, the young Chief Executive Officer of Eddymat Green Services located at Kyekyewere in the Ashanti region of Ghana, is aiming to push his company above the competition and establish it as the number one landscaper and Lawn care company on the continent.

Eddymat Green Services is into landscaping, water fountain, lawn care and selling of flower pots.
Started on 28th May 2019, Eddymat Green Services are also into the mowing of lawns at homes, schools and parks. They support individuals and businesses with cement stones or tree sculptures on flower beds, windows, doors and living room.

As a young business, Edmund faces the challenge of getting qualified and dedicated people to work with.

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“Getting committed and reliable people to work with is a major challenge when it comes to this business” he told

You can contact Eddymart Green Services for his services on:

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0248303497 or via email at

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