Game ChangersImpacting Lives through Music, This is the story of...

Impacting Lives through Music, This is the story of Charles De-Inspirational


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Impacting Lives through Music, This is the story of Charles De-Inspirational

Charles Tweneboah, who is known in the showbiz industry as Charles De-Inspirational is an Obuasi-based gospel minister. He founded Charles De-Inspirational Ministries in August, 2012 with the purpose of winning souls for Christ through music and also helping the needy in the community.

Charles De-Inspirational is an Associate and youth pastor at Mercies Of God’s Throne Chapel International and also a radio journalist, producer and marketing executive at Time FM in Obuasi.

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Narrating how he started his ministry, he told that God Himself spoke to him.

“In 2009 at my final year in school, I was about to be removed from my hostel because I couldn’t pay. After packing my belongings, the hostel master came to make sure I left. Before I left, I sat on my ‘chop box’ and started singing. The master came to stand behind me and watched me for some minutes. I heard him telling another tutor at my school that they should leave, he will handle it himself. After saying that, the master and the other tutor left the hostel without saying anything”, he said.

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“”Immediately they left, the Lord visited me and I heard a voice saying to me, “I WILL USE YOU TO PUT SMILES ON THE FACE OF THE NEEDY”. I asked how? And I again heard the voice saying to me “USE WHAT YOU HAVE””, he added.

Three years later, he started Charles De-Inspirational Ministries. With 15 people at the beginning, they all left but he has been blessed with 30 other volunteers who serve as his backing vocalist, instrumentalists, ushers, bouncers and servers at the De-Inspirational Cottage Bar.

De-Inspirational Cottage Bar
De-Inspirational Cottage Bar
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De-Inspirational Cottage Bar makes all kinds of local beverages such as Bissap (Sobolo), Asana, Lamugin, Zonkom, Coconut Juice, Coconut milkshake, Soya milk, Fresh yogurt and Cocktail for all occasions and events.

Charles De-inspirational organizes the annual Arena of Worshippers gospel event where he brings together other ministers of God to perform in a bid to win souls for Christ.

Charles De-Inspirational Ministries also organizes an annual party with one orphanage home in Obuasi. Most of the parties have taken place at the Adullam Orphanage and they sometimes also send items to Patmos Orphanage home, all in Obuasi.

For inquiries and bookings, contact Charles De-Inspirations on any of the links below:

Facebook: Charles De-Inspirational Ministry

Instagram: charles de-inspirational

Twitter: Charles De-Inspirational Ministries.

Youtube: Charles De-Inspirational TV

WhatsApp: +233276016346

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