Construction Company Owned By Twin Brothers Now on Track to Make $4.5 Million This Year!

Twin brothers, Jonathan and Jarrett Logan, are the owners of Castle Black Construction in Memphis, Tennessee. One of few Black-owned construction companies in the country, they launched their company back in 2005, and after re-branding themselves, they have tripled in size.

Able to manage any kind of project

This successful family-owned business has worked on many projects, and they have a database of over 100 subcontractors and it’s still growing. They can manage any project from concept to end, and their construction includes retail, religious, medical, residential, and pre-engineered building construction.

They are on track to record about $4.5 million in revenue this year.

Why have they tripled in size?

Castle Black Construction is licensed in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas – and there are tons of development going on in all three states. So, the Logan brothers have decided to grow their business so that they can take on bigger contracts.

They project that they will soon be the largest minority contractor in the city, and the only one able to make competitive bids on multi-million dollar projects. And their mission, as stated on their web site, is to “provide clients with the highest quality construction services within the marketplace, and to create customer relationships founded on mutual respect.”

Challenges of being a minority-owned business

During a recent interview with Moxye, Jarrett commented, “Being a minority contractor, let’s just be honest, we’re at a disadvantage… Financially, we have to be bankable to bankroll projects… And it’s harder for minority companies to prove ourselves with clients and financial institutions.”

For more information about the Logan brothers or their company, Castle Black Construction,visit  www.castleblackinc.com

Source: Blackbusiness.org


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