Coronavirus positively affecting consumer behavior – Digital Expert

Head of Digital Media and Innovations at the renowned Global Media Alliance, Eli Daniel-Wilson, has shared an in-depth analysis on how consumer behavior has changed during these Covid-19 times.

During his presentation at the maiden edition of Global Media Alliance’s ‘GMA Webinar Series’, on the topic, ‘Effective Marketing Communications during COVID-19’, he provided statistics sourced from Statista and Hoodsuite, which showed the increase in consumer usage of sampled brands and businesses.

From his presentation, it is first noted that consumer behavior on internet usage has changed positively. Long since the unforeseen strike of the Coronavirus, Ghanaians have been perceived as stingy when it comes to data purchasing but with the rise of the pandemic, MTN has recorded 20% data usage increase

“MTN has recorded 20% increase in data usage. This insight tells us that customers are now putting digital first. They’re now leaning more on digital for information, news, discovery and for brand interactions, thus are using more data”, he said.

Next outlined is streaming. Streaming, although was gradually becoming the new norm, has seen a huge boost of 51% since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. This has in turn proven that, people actually do stick around for content when they want to.

It is also observed that the increase in streaming is a boosting factor in the increase in data usage.

On to the next business that seems to have recorded an increase in customer usage as a result of the Covid-19, Eli’s presentation looked at one of the world’s most interactive social media platforms, Twitter.

“Twitter usage has increased by 23%. You know, when people have a lot of time on their hands, they want to go on Twitter and talk about any topic that is trending.

It’s been a number one source of news and that usage on that has increased so I want us all to keep that in the back of our minds when we start talking about recovery strategies after Corona”, the digital expert advised.

In as much as there seems to be lots of complaints from students about digital learning platforms, the system seems to be adapting fast as there has been an increase of 23% on the usage of E-learning platforms.

Digital news content has increased by 67%, as people are drawn to search online for whatever news update they need, rather than wait for the midday or 6pm news on TV.

Instant messaging or SMS, has also had consumer engagement rising by 44% as people are inclined to send direct messages rather than engage in a verbal phone conversation.

Eli furthered, “putting content on traditional outlets is great, however, consumer behavior is changing and people now look at podcasts and other platforms where they can get the information even after you’ve served it in air”.

This advise comes following the 14% consumer usage increase in podcasts, hence, he advised that companies should look towards adapting such strategies of making their broadcast information available for later access.

Facebook, which is already widely used, has increased in usage by 37%, with content creating also rising by 15%. Per this, it can be derived that when promoting or communicating information about a business, it would do better if it is relayed in the form of a video.

Eli tipped that post-corona strategies to recover businesses and brands are likely to do better if they reference these statistics and exploit the benefits positively.

The Global Media Alliance webinar series was partnered by e.tv Ghana, Happy FM, YFM and Perception Management International.

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