Do you always push staying in shape to the bottom of your list? Prison Officer Prince Adalevo Tells How He Made it!

Do you always push staying in shape to the bottom of your list? Let’s take some motivation from Prison Officer Prince Adalevo‘s story.

I know many people that complain about not having enough time to exercise. I think they are lying to themselves. The real problem is that they hate exercising, so it will never be a priority.

I used to hate exercising too. Going to the gym, running and most forms of physical activity seemed dull and painful compared to most other ways I could spend my time.

Growing up, I was never really into exercises. I wasn’t the most active child. I preferred just staying at home doing everything and nothing, so going outside to play with friends was a non-starter. While I did play football sometimes against my will,I never really enjoyed it.
I didn’t grow up in a family where working out was a normal routine.I started gyming in 2007 and it was because I saw a man in my hood (Prince kelly Boahen) currently in Berekum B/A I liked his stature so I signed up at his gym. It wasn’t easy at first, I always went home with body aches and almost gave up when I was not seeing any visible results. Let’s acknowledge an unhappy truth; working out doesn’t always feel wonderful. If you’re really pushing yourself to your limits, the point at which you’ll reap the max benefits of exercise, you’ll likely be pretty uncomfortable.

Prison Officer Prince Adalevo
Prison Officer Prince Adalevo

But by not giving up and looking for a way I could enjoy working out, I reversed this pattern. Now I exercise 5-6 times per week and I hate not being able to go. I have found a way to incorporate exercises into my everyday routine and I can say I’m reaping amazing benefits. You can also exercise and gain from this long list of benefits.

I hope this piece motivates you in life as general and also psyches you up that if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you can exercise to improve on your body and your overall health.


Meet Prince Adalevo, the Strong Ghanaian Prison Officer Promoting Physical Fitness (Photos/Videos)


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