Growing up in a typical Ghanaian home doesn’t encourage you to have big dreams.

Your immediate family will always tell you to make your coat out of the size of cloth available. They’d probably ask you to share that tiny cloth with other members of the family.

They never really tell you to work hard at getting more clothes so as to sew the type of coat you really want to wear.

That’s our socialization, that’s our culture. We just can’t break free easily from what has been the practice for centuries.

But you know what?, it’s time to let go off some practices and believes that do not add any good value to your life.

Drop those irrelevant ideas and start dreaming.

No one has ever paid any price for dreaming, not to talk about having to pay for big dreams either.

So there you go, focus on what you have now and make the best out of your dreams!

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The present is exciting, you can’t afford to hold yourself back from enjoying the present by holding on to tiny dreams or no dreams at all.

The future I know will be awesome if you allow yourself to have big dreams and then you start working on them as soon as possible. That, I can bet on for sure.

In conclusion, know that you can be whatever you dream of becoming so far as you work at being that thing. So start dreaming now!


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