Entrepreneur Launches Online Classes Teaching Yoruba Language and Culture

Lande Sanusi, founder of Yoruba Basics®, a virtual cultural and language school dedicated to connecting Black people to their African heritage and legacy, has launched its collection of fall 2020 online courses that are now open for registration. With educational offerings for children, teens, and adults, Yoruba Basics’ interactive courses will guide students in learning the historical African Yorùbá language and culture through a unique system of self-paced learning, instructor-led classes, visuals, and performing arts.Whether families are looking to supplement their children’s after-school learning experiences with Afrocentric topics, or African-American adults are looking to strengthen their connections to their ancestral heritage, Yoruba Basics is a great initiative to learn African culture while supporting its preservation.

“We are excited to announce our new slate of online offerings for the fall and to welcome new students to join us in a hands-on learning experience that will connect them intimately with their African heritage through Yorùbá language and culture,” said Lande. “African-Americans across the country, young and old, are seeking to reconnect with their African identity, as reflected in the rise in Afrocentric homeschooling, increased ancestry DNA testing, and even Ghana’s 2019’s Year of Return. Furthermore, given that the national educational system is insufficient in teaching children about African-American topics, let alone Africa, our Yoruba Basics coursework is more important for kids in 2020 than ever.”

Yoruba is one of the oldest known languages in the world, with originating roots in West Africa. To this day, it continues to be spoken in Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Ghana, Brazil, and even Cuba. With Yoruba Basics focus on cultural application, classes teach the basics of Yoruba history, cultural etiquette and norms, alphabets and tones, numbers, everyday verbs and sentences, and much more. Songs and stories about the Yoruba people will highlight the Yoruba heritage while teaching is anchored by native speakers. Yoruba Basics is also a leader in the creation of African educational products and resources.

“We are proud to offer an accessible and affordable platform that benefits those who are eager to strengthen their affiliation with Africa and help preserve the continent’s rich cultural history through education,” continued Lande.

Registration is open now for fall 2020 with coursework beginning September through May, 2021. Prices begin at $59 per month.

For more information and to register for fall 2020 classes, visit YorubaBasics.com.

For press inquiries, contact (224) 286-1883.


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