Ghanaian Developer Releases Mobile App with 17 Business Calculators

Anthony Sedjoah is the developer of an android mobile app called SuperCalc. SuperCalc is a multi-purpose business calculator and a study app for business students. The app has several calculators covering topics in Accounting, Economics, and finance. It also comes bundled with notes in these areas and other business areas such as taxation.

Anthony started developing the app in May 2019 and it was the second project he worked on whiles learning android app development. The app went live on the google play store in February 2020.

SuperCalc has one of the most comprehensive PAYE Income tax calculators for calculating income taxes, the T-Bill calculator is useful to calculate the returns on your T-bill purchases, Amortization Schedule for calculating your loan repayments, Sinking Fund Calculator calculates regular deposits to be made to achieve an intended amount and the Capital Investment Appraisal is also relevant to help analyze any investments decisions you will want to take.

As an accounting student, Anthony Sedjoah made use of apps like Microsoft Excel in most of his academic work.

“It’s very beneficial if you make the computer do the hard stuff whiles you get the data to analyze and make meaning to it” he said.

Preparing financial statements is easily done with Microsoft excel rather than with paper and pen and a calculator. Errors are easily managed and work is done faster with the use of software. This is the same logic that drives the calculators on SuperCalc.

Anthony Sedjoah had already created excel templates to perform most of the calculations he needed for his academic stuff like Elasticity of Demand, Income Tax, Amortization and many more, so after gaining the skills in developing android apps he realized it was convenient to do this with a mobile app. He found a way to transform his calculators in excel templates into mobile apps. The first calculator created was the Elasticity of Demand Calculator. There are 17 calculators now covering several topics in Accounting, Finance and Economics.


Anthony Sedjoah started working on his app as a lone developer. He currently works with 3 volunteers who provide notes for the app.

“My dad, Mr. Ignatius Sedjoah is also actively involved, he’s constantly auditing some of the calculators, especially the Income Tax Calculator to ensure its accuracy”, he revealed.

SuperCalc has been endorsed by some student bodies in the University of Ghana including the Accounting Students Association (ASA) and the University of Ghana Economics Students Society (UGESS).

Anthony Sedjoah wants SuperCalc wants to transform the academic life of business students.

“We want to do this by reducing the workload of business students and to be a reliable study mate”, he added.

Aside the academic environment, Anthony Sedjoah wishes to see SuperCalc become a very important tool in the financial sector to help individuals make sound financial decisions.

Here is the link to download the app from the Google play store:

Connect with SuperCalc on Instagram @super.calc

You can reach out to Anthony Sedjoah via email at or WhatsApp/phone call via 0205287971.

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    I am 69/74 year group..
    I read about you and I am very proud of your achievement.
    I am the Founder of Dara Link University College in Tema.

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