Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ghanaian Entrepreneur Creates Platform for Writers to Publish their books electronically and Make Money


When Joseph Yaw Frimpong couldn’t find an app to electronically publish his book two years ago, he decided to be the solution to this problem and today, not only can Joseph publish his books electronically for free, other writers could also do the same. The platform Joseph Yaw Frimpong created also enables readers to buy and download books from their favourite writers.

ReaderApp is an application created in 2019 to get readers closer to their favourite writers and also help these writers gain revenue for their sweat.

When Joseph Yaw Frimpong couldn’t find a suitable platform to publish his book electronically, he decided to create one. Without money to start the platform, he decided to print his book as a hard copy and use the proceeds to solve the problem he has identified. Still unable to raise the required capital, four of his friends who later became co-founders, came in to support the vision to bring Readerapp into reality.

Cuurently, the app has been downloaded over 1000 times on google playstore.


What Readerapp does

Reader App provides a convenient way for self published authors and Publishing Houses to make available digital copies of their books to their fans and readers. Readers have the convenience of buying the book using Mobile Money, Visa or MasterCard. Reader App does not only create a convenience of Publishing and buying, it also enables writers to withdraw your royalties via Mobile Money.



“In the next 5 years, we hope to have the largest catalogue of African books on the app” he said.

To use ReaderApp, download the app from Google Playstore

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