NewsGeneralGhanaian Startup Highlights Benefits Of SaaS For African Businesses

Ghanaian Startup Highlights Benefits Of SaaS For African Businesses


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Ghanaian Startup Highlights Benefits Of SaaS For African Businesses

KudiGo, which focuses on providing user-friendly SaaS retail solutions to the consumer detail industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, will join hands with the textile powerhouse in a campaign called #WearGhana21. Additionally, the Ghana Textiles Printing Company (GTP) has launched its own e-commerce platform that mirrors KudiGo’s StoreFront Solution. The partnership will not only showcase the cream of the local textile industry, but also reiterate the immense benefits SaaS offerings can provide local businesses with.

Considerable savings can be expected
An SaaS application such as KudiGo can result in considerable savings for a number of  reasons. First and foremost it is important to acknowledge that SaaS typically negates the need for hefty upfront costs. Additionally, recurring costs such as system upgrades and maintenance are also reduced significantly. When utilizing SaaS applications, the vendor is solely responsible for the upkeep of what can be a rather complex IT infrastructure. Businesses can enjoy additional services when using KudiGo, as its storefront allows a user to manage more than one business from a singular account. As the system is entirely mobile-orientated, the need for costly IT equipment is almost completely eliminated, providing small African businesses with an additional boost.

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Implementation is simple 
If there is one thing SaaS applications such as KudiGo are renowned for, it’s their ease of implementation. SaaS is cloud-based, which means there are no complicated installation and implementation processes a business owner has to concern themselves with. The SaaS vendor is required to maintain the IT infrastructure, which includes making sure that the physical components of their backend systems are working. It also entails performing system maintenance as required, and actioning software updates when needed. By using an application that is easy to implement, business owners can focus their attention on other aspects of the business to ensure it is as profitable as possible.

Businesses benefit from flexible applications
Another wonderful feature of an SaaS application such as KudiGo is the flexibility that it provides to business owners. SaaS solutions are generally scalable, and can easily be utilised alongside other SaaS offerings. When integrating several SaaS offerings into the same business model, there is no need to invest in additional software or servers. All that needs to happen is that the additional application has to be enabled. In addition to this, a user can tweak their SaaS usage as required without having to adhere to the lengthy notice periods that are often enforced by traditional service providers. This provides the user with additional peace of mind, knowing that changes can be made on short notice as needed.
SaaS offerings have impacted African businesses in many ways. While the concept is still somewhat foreign in many developing countries, even a slow adaptation has proven to be very beneficial.

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