How To Get Your Boss To Like You

Workplace dynamics differ from place to place. However, we can all agree that going to work every day is better when your boss likes you. Just killing it at your job should be enough to make any boss like you. However, this can be hard at times. Use the following tips to build a better relationship with your boss.

Respect Your Boss

People generally like to be shown respect. This is especially true when they’re in a position of power. Your interactions, even the more casual ones, should show your boss that you understand that they are higher up the corporate ladder.

Admit When You Make A Mistake

It can be frustrating when you feel so much that you’re in the right, but you’re at the end of a verbal assault by your boss. In those times, however, you should listen and try to understand what exactly it is that your boss expected from you. And you should find out what where you differed. If you still feel you are in the right, communicate that diplomatically.

Meet Your Deadlines

It is important for your credibility that you meet your deadlines. It makes your boss able to trust you with important projects. That trust will positively improve your working relationship.

Let Your Boss Know If You’re Going To Miss A Deadline

Work can be stressful at times. Things come up that you didn’t expect to. At these times, you might not be able to make a deadline. What you should do in these cases is be entirely transparent with your boss. If they have expectations, you need to communicate your inability to meet those expectations. Otherwise, you hurt your credibility.

Find Your Common Interests

Your boss is more than they’re role in the job. Find out what they do on their time away from work. Find out what shows they like, or what music they enjoy. Just find something you can connect about, and you establish a cordial relationship that extends beyond the confines of the office.

Remember The Important Events

Most people appreciate it when you remember little details about them. Remembering your bosses’ birthday, or their kid’s birthday will definitely have a positive impact on your relationship.

Adress Your Grievances In Private

If you have issues with your boss, the worst time to address those issues is a time where everyone else is around. Whatever it is that you feel you need to say can wait for a time when you’re in private.

Show Appreciation

Finally, you need to show appreciation for your boss. Let them understand that you see how much they work. Let them know that you see how much they do for everyone else. People love it when their efforts are recognized.

You definitely want to be on your boss’ good side if you’re even thinking about a raise.



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