If he has anger issues, don’t marry him!

If someone overreacts or throws tantrums when you’re dating, drop them like a hot potato. You don’t qualify to be their personal psychiatrist. Don’t cheat yourself that you will change them.

It takes two peaceful individuals for marriage to work. Don’t inherit extreme historical baggage. One should be at peace within before living with others. It’s anger and pride that break relationships. There’re issues and offenses in marriage. Marriage runs on the backdrop of humility and emotional stability.

If issues develop when you’re already married, then you have a responsibility to work on your marriage. Your partner, your choice. But don’t step into marriage with conspicuously irreparable issues. The purpose for dating is to gather data whether to proceed with the dude you’re seeing. It’s easier to live with a cheat than with someone with anger problems.

Of course, we all get angry. I’m talking about someone who totally loses control of himself. Someone who shouts at you or threatens to hit you when dating is not worth your hand in marriage.


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