This Young Ghanaian Has Started a Library that supplies books to readers in 3 regions, Meet Emmanuel Asante

The best place to get the books you love most is in a library. What is more refreshing to a book lover than knowing there is a one place where he can get all the books he loves.

Emmanuel Asante, a young man in the Golden City of Ghana, Obuasi, has started a modern standard library with iPurchase and iBorrow sections. Emmanuel narrated to wundef.com how he started his business and the future he wishes for his library.

Follow us as he narrates his story.


Who is Emmanuel Asante?

Emmanuel Asante, commonly known to many as Nketiah, is a graduate from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology (Biological Sciences), KNUST, a progeny of the Ashanti Region, particularly Manso Mim and currently residing in Obuasi, Gausu Extension to be precise. Currently, I serve as the Founder and Director of Impact Bibliotheca, IB in short: a modern standard library with the vision of Inspiring, Impacting and Imparting Information, Knowledge and Wisdom through the avenue of Reading.

IB runs both Purchase and Borrowable sections, iPurchase and iBorrow respectively. We aspire to include, as part of our services, Reading Mentorship. The Borrowable section of IB is at the moment open only to indigenes of the Obuasi township but our Purchase section is accessible to all and sundry, region notwithstanding. We run in a courier form where your desired books, no matter the genre, with the exception of Romance novels and Academic Textbooks, are delivered to you after you’ve filled a one-time online form. So far, since the inception of IB, we have carried out successful delivery of requests in 3 regions and we are working at spreading our tentacles. In the case where an individual would like to receive book recommendations as regards particular topics, we do provide such service to the best of our ability.


How did it all start?
IB, started as a passion turned vision. I say this because, I personally love to read a lot and whenever I have had the opportunity to chat with people I met, I realized my knack for reading and how passionate I am about books sparked an almost instant interest in reading in others. Largely, books are storehouses for an immense wealth of knowledge. Like Walt Disney once said, ‘There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates loot on treasure Island’, coupled with a drastic reduction in the rate at which most young people my age seem to read, I seek to inspire the affinity for reading in people. Once you begin reading, you’re opened up to information which is embodies knowledge. As Confucius puts it rightly, ‘Reading without thinking will confuse you and thinking without reading will place you in danger’, reading shall surely cause you to think consequently opening you up as to what and how to do things (not just doing them, but doing them rightly)- ultimately Wisdom. iBorrow started with a total number of 44 books which were my personally bought and owned books but as of today were have close to 200 books available for pickup in the borrowable section of the library.

IB in the next 5 years

In the next 5 years, IB should be operating an online bookMall in the country, an Indie bookstore- and open space with a bookstore situated within, where people can pick up books, sit and read, enjoy the environment while enjoying the company of others as well. Also, whenever major bookstores or libraries should be mentioned in the country, IB, shall be a household name not only in terms of retail but also as regards IB’s contribution to reading literacy in the community Obuasi and the country at large.

Target Group
The target group for our services as an entity is the general public, particularly those who can read and write.

How to find IB on social media

You can follow us on our social media handles: facebook- iBibliotheca, twitter- iBibliotheca and Instagram- iBibliotheca_.

My advice for people who aspire to be like me is commit to seeking knowledge, never give up on that vision despite how small it looks and finally, know when to give up, if you don’t know ‘when’, then NEVER GIVE UP

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