Meet Rebecca Delali Dadson, The Nurse making some of the Best Wigs in Ghana

The story of Rebecca Delali Dadson is one that encourages us to develop passion for other things aside our professions. From a nurse to one of the best wig makers in Ghana, she has proved that everything is possible if only we will dedicate time to it. This week on Game Changers, we are looking at the story of this great entrepreneur.

Who is Rebecca Delali Dadson?

Rebecca Delali Dadson was born in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. She started her primary education at Bethel Methodist School, went on to Archbishop Porter Girls Secondary School for her secondary education and then to the University of Ghana School of Nursing where she studied Bachelor of Arts degree in Nursing. She is currently married to Kwesi Amo Dadson who is a Chartered Accountant and a Tax practitioner and they are blessed with a lovely girl. Rebecca is a nurse by profession and also runs her own business in wig making and hair extensions.

Rebecca Delali Dadson – CEO, Ninny’s Wiggy

Growing up, Rebecca developed a sense of taste for fashion and she had always wanted to become a global fashion designer.

“I learnt sewing naturally and it became a childhood hobby at a point in time”, she told Wundef.com.

“However, I had to give up on my dreams at the Secondary School because the school was not willing to register only two students, myself and another colleague, in sewing so we were made to do Food Science instead” she explained.

She then decided to pursue nursing at the undergraduate and that is her career path now.

“That notwithstanding, I want to consider fashion as a secondary career because of my inherent fashion designing talents”, she revealed.

Rebecca Delali Dadson – CEO, Ninny’s Wiggy

Learning a New Passion

Rebecca has always loved to learn hairdressing and this goes back to the time she was still in school.

“I remember how I used to trouble my hairdresser to take me on as an apprentice during vacations. Surprisingly, she always wanted to give me an opportunity, but I never got the time to take it because of my mandatory vacation nursing clinical”, she narrated.

After she had her first child, she took a break from work and saw that as an opportunity to learn a new skill in wig making. She contacted someone who was running training programmes in wig making and she agreed to take her through. She had the lessons at her home and within 2 months, she had learnt the basics.

Rebecca Delali Dadson - CEO, Ninny's Wiggy
Rebecca Delali Dadson – CEO, Ninny’s Wiggy

“Initially, I wanted to learn so I could make wigs for myself”, she said. “My first wig, which I posted on my WhatsApp status, got many comments and approval from friends and colleagues some of whom expressed interest in getting same. That was when I realised this could be a great business opportunity”, she added. And that was how Ninny’s Wiggy was born. She named the business after her daughter Imani, who they affectionately call Ninny.


Delali is motivated by the fact that she is now able to do something within the fashion space that has been a childhood desire and through that she has been able to make extra income to support her home.

Ninny’s Wiggy is for all class of people and are open to do business with all women who are interested in upping their looks and beauty with their hair. However, over the past year, they have seen more patronage from students and corporate workers.

“We are also targeting the modelling industry and strategizing to sell the Ninny’s Wiggy brand to the upcoming models.”

Providing Health Solutions and Setting the Pace

Niggy’s Wiggy also provides wigs for people with special health conditions like people suffering from alopecia areata or spot baldness, a condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body.

Rebecca’s Niggy’s Wiggy has excellent customer service and are committed to their clients’ satisfaction.

“We aim at ensuring that our clients have value for their money”, she said.

Ninny’s Wiggy commits strictly to timelines and are sure to keep their word. Through this, they are continuously building trust with their clients and helping to meet all their hair needs.

“We believe this is what makes us stand out in the market.”

They do not only design wigs from base, but also revamp old wigs to give it a very fresh new look. They also colour wigs to fit your complexion, which is unique to them in the country.

“We are creating new hair trends and we aim to set the pace for others to follow”, CEO of Niggy’s Wiggy, Rebecca Delali Datson.



Rebecca’s vision is to make NinnysWiggy the number 1 hair brand in Ghana. In the next 5 years, she hopes to expand her business to all parts of the country and operate hair and beauty shops in at least every regional capital of Ghana.


Rebecca’s mum has been the greatest influence in her life. Her mum is a great entrepreneur who is never scared to try a new business venture.

“I am inspired by her ability to multitask and coordinate many things at the same time”, Becca revealed.

At the moment, Niggy’s Wiggy operates an online shop and are working at getting a physical location within Accra and other regions.


Rebecca Datson revealed she has no regrets in life, although she wished some things that she went through never happened.

“However, I believe life is a learning process and whatever we go through is meant to make us strong and shape our thinking and approach”, she said.

Advice for other young people

“My advice to young people is to be very determined, disciplined and should not be deterred by the size of their dreams, besides its good to dream big. Every multinational or great establishment they see around started on a very small note. Just as human beings, business and career also go through the various faces of life and failure would always be part of the process. They should take each day at a time and work towards nurturing that brilliant business idea they have always had.”

Social Media Presence

Niggy’s Wiggy has huge followings on social media and you can also like or follow them on social media through their handles:

@ninnyswiggy on Instagram

@NinnysWiggy on Facebook

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