Meet the Ghanaian Entrepreneur Projecting Ghana’s Local Smock Fabric Worldwide

Kwadanaab Nina is a Ghanaian Entrepreneur, Database Administrator, Model and Administrative assistant. She is known in the fashion industry as Princess Yintit. She holds a Degree in Business Management and Diploma in Database from College of Technology, Accra, Ghana. She founded SmockHub and she is the creative director.

SmockHub is an international fashion brand that produces African inspired accessories using the northern fabric known as fugu or smock to produce all kinds of smock types for both local and the international market. They produce unisex smocks, shirts, shoes , bags , birkenstocks and all kinds of designs.


In the beginning…

Nina started SmockHub in Tamale as Prince and Princess Collection in the year 2016 but rebranded as SmockHub by Yintit in 2018 . Nina revealed her passon for fashion pushed her to start SmockHub.


“Growing up, I loved the concept of fashion and the beauty of it being displayed so well during fashion shows across Ghana and abroad”, she said.


“Projecting the pride of the north was another motivation for me”, she added.


At Smockhub, they redefine African fashion using the smock fabric. That makes foreigners and Ghanaians to appreciate, value and patronize their products.


Despite the challenges of running a fashion brand, SmockHub has been successful and has created job opportunities for the youth, employing 8 people.


Nina started SmockHub with only one worker. Within some short period, the brand progressed into various parts of Ghana and they started having clients from outside the country.

They increased production from 100 smocks a month to 1000 and new products and services were introduced to enhance the brand. Within 4 years of existence, the company has increased the number of employees from 2 to 8.

They have customers from different countries across the globe including USA, China, Canada, Europe, Nigeria, Libya, Senegal and Kenya.

Shows and Awards

Smockhub has participated in 16 different Fashion shows in Tamale and Accra.

Nina won the award of the Most Creative designer at the Tamale fashion Week in 2018. SmockHub was the official designer for the Versatile Modeling Agency from 2016 to 2018. They also represented northern Ghana in this year’s Wear Ghana Festival fashion show organized by the NCCA, Northern Development Authority, GTP Fashion and Woodin.

In 2017, they were in Nigeria for Lagos Goods Market at the Lennox Mall Lekki Phase 1.

Since 2016 to 2020, SmockHub has had various nominations and awards. They were nominated for the Fashion brand of the year and the Traditional brand of the year by the Ghana Lifestyle Awards.


Smockhub has participated in various exhibitions including Lagos Goods market, Northern Trade fair in Tamale, Sales keteke at Junction mall in Accra and Ghana Travel Fair at Terminal 3 of the Kotoka international airport. The rest are African Connect Festival at Koala Shopping center at Osu, Donkomi sales Festival at West Hills Mall and Chalewote Festival at Jamestown, Accra.



Future Plans

Nina wishes to set up training centers across Ghana to nurture dreams and passions of females who desire to venture into the creative industry and also assist with funding to needy and ambitious women within the next 5 years.

She also plans to make SmockHub a household name in Ghana and abroad and with many branches home and outside Ghana.


Secret to Success


Nina revealed her vision, motivation, creativity, decisiveness and flexibility are the secrets to her success.


“Successful entrepreneurs always keep one eye on the bigger picture, and this ability can make you a better employer. Vision is about strategic planning. Hard-working business owners are incredibly talented and motivated. You need to bring enthusiasm to everything you do at your job”, said.


“It’s important to be creative—to always be thinking of new ways you can to improve your company’s workflow, productivity, and bottom line. When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have room to procrastinate.  You have to be able to take action when needed”, she added.


“Like any entrepreneur, you have to be able to adapt to change and solve problems as they arises” she concluded.

Smockhub is currently located in the city of Accra Ghana at Taifa Norway 400 meters away (5 minutes) from Achimota Mall.


You can contact them on via their website and social media pages.





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