Motivation is working on something you are interested in

The income you earned from your work can’t sustain your motivation throughout the lifespan of your work. You will be discouraged and disappointed sometimes because of perceived negative behaviors of other people or member(s) of your team have put up.

That alone is a motivation deflator. Even if you have a good team you are working with other external factors that are capable of causing you to become demotivated and soon productive goes down.

The key trigger for sustainable motivation is called “interest”. Whatever you are doing or working on now just for the show of it without “positive interest” is just work without count. When you cultivate a “positive interest” and you use it for the purpose of satisfying other people’s needs; internal joy will not elude you. You will be expectantly looking forward to do more. This will make you not grow weary of doing good.

At the end of the day your motivation will be on the increase and personal productivity level will remain ever high. This is to say that there is a symbiotic relationship between motivation and productivity. And the center pin for unlocking the two is “positive interest”. Have a beautiful week. Stay focus and blessed. And work for the cause of humanity freedom and liberation from their woes.


Shema Tetteh motivational series…. 004

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