OpinionNot every criticism is a HATE SPEECH!

Not every criticism is a HATE SPEECH!


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Not every criticism is a HATE SPEECH!

Not every criticism is a HATE SPEECH!
We love the applause.
We all love the praise singing.
We smile when we are commended.
We are quick to tag every criticism or comment that doesn’t go the way we like as hate speech.

When women tell their fellow women some hard truths, they are branded enemies.

When men criticise women, we call them misogynistic.

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A bold woman who is able to tell her male friends the truth is a Margaret Thatcher.

But wait, before you call the “army” to shred the person who made the comment you do not like, pause, think about what was said again, isn’t the comment somehow true? 🤔

We are no angels. We are not infallible. So why do we not welcome criticisms?

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Our friends may not be bold enough to tell us the truth. Our followers and admirers may not see the wrong because they are just praise singers.

What is said about the one carting the path not knowing how it looks from behind?

We need those who will criticise us. It may be borne out of hatred but it can also be some truth that we need to critically look at.

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Let us accept the good and the bad.

By: Amma Frimpomaa




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