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Profile of Reverend Dr. Love Konadu – The Tale of an Overcomer!


Dr. Love Konadu is a swath of compassion, altruism and empathy to humanity. A reformer, rare gift to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a blessing to our generation. Coming from an unbelieving family, her savor of grace permeated into the stony hearts of her brethren, and ultimately, converted them to Christ. Her love for the Master equipped her to shun any stigma against her faith, to sail through in life and ministry.

Dr. Love Konadu, was born to Mr. Yiadom Paul and Mrs. Bonful Mary, both of blessed memories, on 9th September, 1982. She commenced her education and ended her Junior High education, at Anglican Primary and Junior High School. She proceeded to Christ the King.

There was a mass drought of the Word of God in her house: none of her family members was a born-again and practicing Christian. As edifying as other children had family devotions and went to church, to look for such acts in her house, was like, waiting on the hen to urinate: it was impossible.

Her taste for the word of God steadily, grew, and at age twelve (12), she secretly went for “Mass” at Anglican Church. She was an attendee on one Mass session at 5:30am, having walked for about forty-five (45) minutes from Wawase to Central. Archbishop (Prof.) Ben Smith, was taken aback to notice, she came alone, for the meeting. He fed her and took her back home.

They were welcomed by a livid mother who thought she had lost her daughter. Grabbing her from the Archbishop with the intent of giving her strokes of her life, she rescinded her motive, after she learnt; young Love Konadu went to church. Just as Hannah in Bible days gave out Samuel to God, Mrs. Bonful Mary, also handed her daughter to the man of God.

The godly grooming of Miss Love Kondau was delightsome to the man of God, as he enrolled her into Gloryland School of Music. She was trained as a Vocalist and later hired as a Music teacher in that selfsame school. She holds a Diploma in Music, and was trained by Mr. Ofori Agyeman Badu. She started her doctrinarian services to God at age twelve (12).

Archbishop Ben Smith sensed her greatness and charged the Sunday School teachers to oversee her with rapt attention. She was later made a Teaching Assistant after the demise of one of her Sunday school teachers.
She was challenged with inadequate church attires. She consistently wore one shirt and skirt, and had to wash, dry and iron, to wear, should she have a programme after church. She was mocked heavily and nicknamed, ‘kwakwadobi” by some area boys. This did not deter her from loving her God and being regular at church.

Reverend Cyril Smith nurtured her with other ladies, to be lady-like, in their speech and home. She taught them good manners and how to manage your home. She took them for cooking escapades and ensured each one of them was cooked deliciously.

A sudden catastrophe caused a blip in her life post Senior High School. A catastrophe that makes her whimpers and significantly obstructed her quest to pursue her dream career, “Law”. In her devastating period, Bishop Richard Digoh, was an object of motivation to her – he motivated her day and night, and counseled her to pursue Theology at the stead of Law. She dragged her feet because she felt betrayed by God. She was upset God couldn’t foil the catastrophe that militated against her plan.

In the process of time, she enrolled in the Bible School, only to a reference of ridicule because she was the smallest amongst all. She holds a Bachelors and Master Degree in Theology from Faith University Seminary and a Doctorate Degree in Expository Communication. As an attaché at Shaft FM, she held the reins as a Newscaster, Secretary to the Manager. Drive Time and Morning Show Host, Weekend Presenter in Sentimental Zone. She also pursued Strategic Management in Corporate Leadership. She is currently the Event Manageress, Motivation Speaker and Radio Missionary at Time FM.

She counsels the youth, that, “loving God is the prerequisite to getting to the top”. There should be connectedness, affinity and alliance. Connectedness in the context of who you are really connected to; it should be to God. There should be a strong relationship between yourself. She boasts in the Lord for picking her from the miry clay and ascending her to the throne of noble men.

She is eternally indebted to Archbishop Daniel Yinka Sarfo, Archbishop Cyril Ben Smith, Dr. Prince Hampel, Dr. Richard Digoh, Nana Poku Agyeman (Chief Executive Officer of Time FM), Mrs. Victoria Owusu (General Manager, Shaft FM), Bishop Ato Hagan, Dr. Atta Asamoah (President of K.P.M, Ghana), Mr. and Mrs. Attakuma (Managing Director, Asanko Mine) et al.

Dr. Love Konadu’s favorite scripture is Acts 16:31, “And they said, Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved, and thy house” whereas her favorite quote is, “When God turns your scars to stars, you have no reason than jump and praise His name”.

Compiled by Frederick Osei Frimpong

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