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Bitcoin trading suggests going into and out of the market on a regular basis, but another strategy is simply to buy and keep, the famous bitcoin hodling. There are other exchanges like MapleChange that allow you to actively trade REEX as well as to follow the investment route of buying and holding.

It’s different from trading by using a broker because you own the underlying product while, through the highlighted brokers, you simply trade on the price fluctuation of bitcoin.

For those who are new to the purchase of REEX, we will now see on which platforms it is interesting to exchange our coin.

How to choose the right REEX trading platform?

BiteBTC is a great way to increase the number of REEX you own. Buy low, sell high and reinvest the Dollars earned for an even greater amount of REEX at a time when the price has dropped again.

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BiteBTC is the site where users may be exposed to changes in the prices of cryptographic currencies, either through the direct purchase of Bitcoins or through certificates whose value is linked to digital currency.


Trading fees are calculated on the basis of the volume of transactions, just as in the case of ordinary foreign exchange transactions. The higher the volume, the lower the percentage of fees per transaction. Average trading fees range from 0.01% to 0.5%. Anything outside this range should warn potential traders of potential scams.


Trading REEX with leverage

If margin trading or option trading is offered, it is always available for an additional fee. Trading with options means borrowing money to increase the amount of exposure. This leverage can significantly increase the profit at the closing of the transaction, but it also means a higher risk for the users. Margin trading cost of 0.2% depending on the size of the margin, the leverage can go up to 500x.

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For more information visit;

Telegram: https://t.me/Reecore_official

Website: https://reecore.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/reecore_coin


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