Self Made Depression is a Curse to Success

Depression will bring irritation and suspicion. In fact, many of us think of long term problems, instead of thinking about long term goals. We carry short term goals as short term problems and carry forward as long term problems. This will make us feel highly depressed which is just our imagination.

You may find out reasons for your depression in the following pointers.

i. As there is no much time, you have to work faster.

ii. Increasing work load on day to day basis

iii. Not so much time to understand new technologies

iv. Health problems

v. Differences between professional obligations and personal opinions

vi. New job and new management

vii. Need to meet new people every day and understanding several mentalities

A small change in our daily life will disturb us a lot. Many of these changes are positive with which we can cope up very easily. Sometimes depression will provoke us to stand on our feet and face the challenges effectively. Depression will create do or die situation.

• Depression will give you strength to face the challenge head on

• Helps you in analyzing the situation

• Helps you in removing confusion in deciding your goals

• Revitalize your strengths and abilities

How to control emotions to become more productive in your workplace? If you wish to control your emotions:

• Keep a watch on your negative emotions

• Never lose your confidence

• Always analyze your depressing thoughts with regard to your profession and their validity

• Record your emotions in your Diary and find out solutions for your unnecessary depression

Conflicting thoughts in your emotions increase your stress levels and will not allow you manage your time productively. If you wish to decrease your stress, you have to think about the following points.

• This work may not be that much hard the way I am thinking

• Whether the work is being complicated with the interference of my boss?

• Am I responsible to too many bosses?

• Is there any power attached to my position?

• As a responsible official, am I able to fulfill my duties and reach my goals as desired by the management?

To manage and control your workload efficiently, you have to follow the instructions given below:

• Observe and assess your work load which is giving you stress. Lack of interest in work, loss of memory power, depressing thoughts should be avoided.

• Entertain and pamper yourself by allotting some time for yourself

• All stress and depression is not that bad. Positive stress will help you move ahead with right kind of approach. Stress will help explore your latent talent.

by Challa S.S.J. Ram Phani

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