She Has Hosted More Than 2,400 Corporate Events. Meet Carolyn Howell, The Queen of Event Planning.

Carolyn Howell, the founder of Events USA, is a brilliant entrepreneur, a visionary, and also the queen of event planning. Over the past two decades, her Washington, DC area-based company has planned, organized, and hosted more than 2,400 successful corporate events. Her clients include Time Warner, Cox Communications, Accenture, BMW, Samsung, Microsoft, the American Diabetes Association, and many, many more.

Not just another party company

Events USA is not a party company. Yes, it is true that they have created and managed amazing events for thousands of corporate clients, but none of these were run-of-the-mill parties. This is due to Carolyn’s belief that corporate events should strengthen a company’s culture, thereby contributing to their bottom line.

So, the events that she creates are workshops, conferences, retreats, and/or team building events that strengthen the relationships between both a company’s employees and their clients. “Such corporate events are a necessary part of any healthy company’s calendar,” Carolyn says.

How she brings events to life
Carolyn says that she and her team begin by listening to their client’s vision, and reviewing the space at hand before developing an event plan or choosing décor.She comments, “We take into account the entire space, including entrances and travel paths, when choosing décor. How many people will attend? Is it a day or night event? Who is attending? Everything factors into our final choices.”After listening to her client’s ideas, she then crafts a theme, and supplies the decorations that bring the concept together.Why she is so successfulEvent planning is very competitive, so how did Carolyn manage to host 2,400+ events over the last 20 years? Two things: passion and strategic alliances.She has an ongoing passion to help companies resolve challenges within their workforce through strategically crafted events, and this has earned her high praise from both her clients and attendees to her events.

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In addition, Carolyn is connected with all the right people! She has strategic alliances with nationally recognized human resource experts, certified specialists and professional educators, culinary food and beverage, premium entertainment artists, performers and first rate amusements providers.

An inspiration to other entrepreneurs

Anyone affiliated with Carolyn says the same thing. She is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, imaginative, an expert, and… a life-saver.

She is also an inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs (especially women entrepreneurs) who want to take on the multi-billion dollar event planning industry.

For more details about Carolyn Howell or her company, Events USA, visit www.EventsUSA.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teameventsusa/



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