Hero Film Audition Hits the Northern region, Search for Lamisi Intensifies.

One of the most anticipated movies yet to hit our continent is THE HERO Film by Chrisloe Entertainment in U.S and Messiah Entertainment in Ghana.

The Hero Film which is directed by Barbara Anakwa and produced by Benjamin Dwomoh Doyen is a social problem Film that is written to lift the veil from some hidden plight; it is a courageous story of change brought by a young girl from the Northern part of Ghana and her mentally ill guardian. The movie is to address and create awareness of societal maladies such as Mental Health, Issues Of Witches Camps and streetsm .

The search for one of the leading characters in The Hero Film, Lamisi, has begun in Tamale, and the interest of the people is just overwhelming. The casting directors and other production members have toured most of the basic schools in Tamale to audition a Lamisi out of the mass, and so far the journey has been interesting, fulfilling but challenging. According to the Casting director, Mr. Mawuko Kuadzi, whoever qualifies to play the role of Lamisi must be dark lanky girl with an exceptional beauty. She must also be intelligent, hyperactive, courageous and appeal to a larger audience.

In The Hero movie, Lamisi as a character is a 12 year old girl from Gambaga in Northern Ghana. She is an extremely intelligent young girl who runs away from a witches camp that she and her mum were sent to after the demise of her dad. Lamisi finds herself in Accra as a street girl and a Kayaye with her colleagues on the streets. She is however determined to continue her education, become somebody in future and free her mum from the witches camp; the story unfolds…

Chrisloe and Messiah Entertainment are determined to leave a mark in the hearts of Global theatre lovers by telling a rather sad African story to impact our society with the use of the giant screens.

The Hero Film has the support of Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mental Health Authority Ghana, Ministry of Tourism Culture and Creative Arts , Millennium Child Support Group, Global Voluntary Organization and other reputable stake holders yet to be confirmed .

Follow the movie updates on all social media platforms @TheHeroFilm to get interactive .

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