The Power to Dream

Like many I’m fascinated by the amazing life of Thomas Edison. Edison is generally accepted as a genius. Of course he earned it. His uncommon strength, resoluteness and ability to focus and stick to his vision until he realized it is humbling. Edison’s incandescent bulb was a watershed, it’s changed the course of human civilization and brought in endless possibilities.

The world has only moved forward because of people like Edison. Men and women who asked questions, challenges assumptions, and brought new things into the world. Imagine for a moment a world without Einstein, Faraday, Washington, Isaac Newton, Galileo, Mandela. These are men whose thoughts shaped the world. These are men to whom the world owed everything for the beautiful lights that grace our cities and houses, the bridges on which we drive, the freedom we both enjoy and seek, the cars we drive and the gas that cooks our food. These are men who we are glad their dream came true.


Their stories paints a graphic picture of what happens when we dream. One of the greatest blessings of life is that we can relate with the abstract and what intrigues me more is that life truly happens when we close our eyes. One of the greatest blessings of life is the power to dream. Look where dream has brought us. From the magical voice of Michael Jackson, to the mysterious strokes of Serina Williams and the nation of France lifting the world cup. Each and every one of these amazing experiences teaches us the infinite love of Jesus Christ and the blessings of the Father to which we all have equal access.


The world has seen good times and bad times. Depressions, famine, two devastating world wars, civil wars, slave trade, colonization, prosperity, political freedom, and many more. Yet in all the troubles and challenges the world still moves forward. We have survived and even thrived in the darkest moments for one simple but powerful reason – the power of a dream. The truth is that we are much more powerful than we realize and can probably accept. Anyone that learns to close his/her eyes will walk in greatness, that’s the way it is.


A dream is a seed and every seed has within it the power to produce itself. Put an orange seed in the ground and you never have to worry with how it will get roots and stem and leaves and fruits. Your job ends when you take the seed and put it in the ground. Same with dreams, once you conceive it and plant in in your conciouness until it’s buried in your unconscious nothing in the world will stop it from coming true not even you.

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