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This 25-Year Old Turned Down $4.4M and Now Her Company is Valued at $7.3M

Based in the heart of Alabama, Tesix Wireless, one of few Black-owed telecommunication companies, wants to provide more flexibility and feature pack plans by eliminating everything millennials hate about their wireless plans and delivering more of what they want, and this even includes zero fees and taxes.
Launching just eight months ago the company’s value quickly rose by $1.4M after recent investments from the likes of Ladarius Gunter (former-Green Bay Packers Cornerback), Shaun Hamilton (Washington Redskins Linebacker), Ayodeji Olatoye (Atlanta Falcon Cornerback) and many others. With these investments, the company’s value rose to $7.3M from its original $5.9M at time of launch.

Before it’s launch, the company received a $4.4M acquisition offer to be disbursed over four years because of its extensive waitlist, investments, and other notable factors; in which was turned down.

Found and lead by Chaymeriyia Moncrief, the 25-year-old African American Alabama native says the offer was not impressive because she understood the value her company held.

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“If anyone is willing to offer this amount of money for a company that hadn’t launched, it was because they saw value, they saw the worth. What they didn’t realize, however, is that I too saw the value of my company & I clearly understood what I needed to do to make what they offered,” Moncrief expressed.

When asked by some of the startup’s investors what inspired them to invest, one investor Darrel Copeland, expressed, “I’ve known Miss Moncrief for quite some time; her humor, cheerfulness and creative genius is what attracts me to her a businesswoman and person. Her ideas and vision for Tesix are engaging, fun, and worth every penny.”

Because her company is millennial-focused, her growth strategy is to reach her target the best way to reach any Millenial; through social media.

“We are in a fast-moving digital age and a world that revolves around social media. In this age, millennials can be found where there is a convenience, and that convenience is picking up their cellphones, their tablets or laptops and searching, apply for and buying things they want, when they want it directly on the internet, and I want to position Tesix amid that convenience,” she states.

To build the company’s presence over the last few months from its launch, Tesix has partnered with various social media influencers to generate brand visibility, and quickly grew its subscribers base through those partnerships.

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In the last three months, the company has seen a significant increase in its subscribers from its 1st quarter and counting.

With long term in mind, Chaymeriyia hopes within 5-10 years to be able to create her very own infrastructure to offer her phone service. But, as she builds her company, she has some exciting developments in works now that includes two store openings, the release of her flagship Tesix mobile products and the release of the company’s self-branded mobile smartphone.

To learn more or to switch to Tesix Wireless, you can visit www.tesixwireless.com

You can also connect with the carrier on Instagram at @tesixwireless and Facebook at www.facebook.com/tesixwireless

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READ ALSO:  How Do You Look at the Barriers in Your Life?

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