OpinionTime to Review Your 2021 Resolutions

Time to Review Your 2021 Resolutions


We bless God for cruising us safely into the 6th month of the year. If for nothing at all, we have life and the hope of achieving our resolutions is still intact.

This is the time to revisit and review the resolutions you made for the year 2021 and make some injections.
1. Open your circle for beneficial network to aid you in your growth.
2. There will be an opportunity but will you be cut for? This is the time to take up a capacity building programme to be able to fit in.
3. Mind what you post or share on your social media handles; it can make or unmake you.
4. Your next half of the year should see a more better you that can withstand the odds in the system.
5. Pray, yes keep praying.

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