Wednesday, November 29, 2023

V-Juice creates space on the desk


Charging smartphones has always been disastrous for stylish interiors! Cables with USB or other plugs lying around unruly on tables. They often have a habit of sliding behind dressers or tables after being unplugged and wanting to be found there.

With wireless chargers, the situation has improved somewhat: simply put the smartphone on instead of awkwardly nesting the plug into the smartphone. Although there are some versions with nice colored surfaces in marble design, the design debacle has only improved slightly – instead of annoying plugs, now clunky chargers, and the annoying cable is still there.

This is over, now: extremely flat, beautiful design, no annoying cable: the wireless charger from V-Juice has not much in common with run-off-the-mill consumer electronics retailer models.

As a trendy home accessory, V-Juice can be installed without obstructing even where you routinely put your smartphone down. At these “natural resting places”, the smartphone is gently charged. It’s still always at hand when you need it and charged when you leave the house. V-Juice can do without a thermal stressing fast charging function thanks to the extended charging time.

The non-slip installation is easily done: select location for V-Juice, clean it, stick V-Juice on, plug in, done.

The lead to the charging coil is a full 36cm – a truly long lead – ideal for most locations.

V-Juice creates space on the table and dresser that can be used elsewhere when V-Juice is not in use.

It works cross-platform with all major wirelessly chargeable smartphones.

V-Juice was already presented as a concept at IFA fair in Berlin. After that, there was a standstill due to corona. But now V-Juice is back, with an even stronger design focus.

At launch, 8 colors and patterns are available, from timeless colors that harmonize with common furniture colors to strikingly beautiful patterns like Marble and Space.

Collections are planned every six months with fashion colors and other patterns according to customer requests.

The price of a V-Juice will be USD42.5 (€39.95). The saved hassle should be worth it. The crowdfunding campaign starts on June 21.

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