What are you avoiding?

The cost of inaction is often greater than the cost of a mistake. The future is always uncertain. Possibilitie you can’t see exist. You better be a hot mess in action than a perfectly organized coward.
Too much order stifles growth. Don’t be stuck in procedures at the expense of progress.

If you are not hurting, you are not growing. There’s no growth without pain. The enemy of growth is comfort. Not every season is about conquering. Some seasons are for enduring and learning. Appreciate every season in your life. What you appreciate tends to get better.
Let your purpose dictate your feelings – don’t let your feelings dictate your purpose. You will never open new frontiers by playing it safe. If you avoid chaos, you’ll avoid growth. Don’t try to control everything. At times what we think are set-backs are God’s set-ups.

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