Thursday, November 30, 2023

What You Think You Know About Online Learning and Why You’re Wrong (Part 1)


Since their beginning in the 1990s a lot has changed about online schools. Test your knowledge of online schools as we look at false impressions people have had.

False impression: Online learning is just for self-motivated and well-supported, techy students.

Reality: Digital learning serves all types of students. Advanced learners can use online learning to get ahead, but students that need remediation and recovery can also use e-learning. Students will difficulties such as diseases or financial circumstances also find online school to be a good solution. Because online learning can be personalized, it is an education option that can suit any student.

False Impression: Online learning is only for high school and college student.

Reality: E-learning is available for all ages. Options for digital learning can include blended learning as well as online learning and are open to students of all ages.

False Impression: Only students with constant care and supervision can use online learning.

Reality: Online learning can occur anywhere! At home, at schools, at satellite learning centers. For students with working parents blended learning is an option. Blended learning takes place in a physical classroom and lets the teacher use technology to teach. Students often have the option of buses to get to school. This is a solution for families that can’t stay with their children during the day, but still want their students to have a personalized, digital education.

False Impression: Online students learn in isolation.

Reality: High-quality online programs can give students increased interaction and individualization. Some e-learning institutions provide students with access to teachers to answer their question by chat 24/7. Some online institutions make their teachers available by online chat, email, or phone.

False Impression: Online learners have no social life.

Reality: Online students can maintain meaningful friendships. Some find that because they can work at their own pace and finish early they have more time to hang out with friends. Numerous programs give students the opportunity to play sports and participate in their school district.

Don’t be fooled by the false impressions you’ve heard about digital learning. Online institutions are an education alternative that is becoming more and more popular. Parents should learn the facts about online learning as schools begin to offer the option. Most of the time, school districts even provide e-learning courses for free. If your student is struggling in the traditional brick-and-mortar setting you should really consider trying online school.

by Rachel Elizabeth Wood

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