WhatsApp is working on allowing more than 4 people on a group video or audio call

With the current pandemic forcing a lot of people to stay at home, group video calls and even group audio calls have really taken off lately. Apps such as Google’s Duo have already upped the maximum number of participants on a video call by 50%, and it now looks like Facebook-owned WhatsApp is planning on doing something similar.

Strings of code that have been discovered through a deep dive inside WhatsApp’s latest beta release have revealed that the service is preparing to up its maximum number of participants on a group audio or video call as well, in the near future. Currently, the limit is four participants, which is way less than what some competitors are offering.

Hence, the move makes sense. It looks like all of the parties involved will need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed for the higher max number of participants to be enabled, though. And it’s still not known what the new max number will be. Hopefully it’s going to be a significant change, and not just going from 4 to 6 or something along those lines. We should (officially) find out soon enough.

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