After her struggles as a widow and single mother, she started an organization to support other widows and orphans

Nsoh Jacklin, a native of Zaare in the Upper East Region of Ghana started her organization to help prevent other widows from going through the struggles she went through looking after her sons and daughter after the death of her husband.

She runs a religious and a charitable organization called Divine Intervention Quest at Bolga-Soe in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It was establish in the year 2016. The main aim of the organization is to spread the word of God and help the vulnerable in communities. They sometimes make donations including food stuff and financial support to orphans and widows.

“We provide items such as used clothes and food stuffs including bags of rice, beans and maize. Other items such as soap, washing powder, toothpaste and a little amount of cash is usually given to support the orphans found in schools” Nsoh Jacklin told

Nsoh Jacklin, a window, started the organization when she realized the struggles that widows go through in her region.

“I went through a lot of struggle as a widow and a single mother in the Upper East Region. I felt blessed after I came out of such struggle. Jesus has been the center of it all. My daughter and sons are all grown now and blessed. For this, I realized that my story and life is not different from my fellow women that happens to lose their husbands and also having children to care for which they need help both spiritually and physically”, she said.

After enough thought about how to reach out and support other vulnerable people in her community, she came up with the idea to start Divine Intervention Quest.

Currently, Nsoh Jacklin with a couple of her friends and children are running the organization, serving as volunteers with none of them receiving salary.

Jacklin Nsoh, through Divine Intervention Quest, has been able to reach out to the vulnerable in a lot of communities within the Upper East region including Zaare, Sunbrugu, Zorko, Vea, Nyarika, Gambibgo, and Yoroko, just to mention but few. The organization has made various donations to widows and orphans in these communities.

“It is our prayer that we will get more people coming in to support us in order for us to reach more widows and orphans in other areas”, she said.

You can reach out to Nsoh Jacklin through +233 247 686 705 or via email


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